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What You Should Know

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Hip Hop Abs Extreme is an abdominal workout with trainer Shaun T. The workout is designed for intermediate to advanced users. This is not a beginner abdominal workout. Ideally, the dieter would be at a normal weight before starting the program. This DVD series may increase weight loss due to the quick cardio movements, but the floor work will not impact metabolism or weight loss. Extreme Cardio and Extreme Abs are the two workouts included in Hip Hop Abs Extreme. It is important for the follower to seek medical approval before following the cardio workout. The two workouts total 75 minutes.

Hip Hop Abs Extreme is available on the Beach Body website and other outside websites. Outside websites tend to sell the program for less than the official website. There is no mention of a diet program included with the workout, so dieters must follow a reduced calorie diet when working out to optimize weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Two workout DVDs from Shaun T.

Product Features

When it comes to achieving those rock hard abs, the dieter must lose fat and weight. Otherwise, abdominal muscles are hidden beneath a layer of fat. Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs Extreme includes a cardio workout to help the dieter lose fat and an abdominal workout to tone ab muscles. Together, the program could help the follower gain a nice set of 6-pack abs, but only in certain cases. Abdominal fat can be difficult to lose and in cases where the dieter is overweight, results from the program could take longer.

There are very few reviews of Hip Hop Abs Extreme, but all talk about the intensity of the workouts. Shaun T is known for his Insanity workout series, which is designed for extreme athletes only. This program likely uses some of the cardio movements from the Insanity series, which accounts for the increased intensity.

Dieters new to working out should skip Hip Hop Abs Extreme. This program will cause a sharp increase in heart rate and carrying extra weight could result in negative side effects. Even advanced users should start out slow and work up to the full workout, especially the Extreme Cardio workout.

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  • Hip Hop Abs Extreme is available online.
  • The program includes cardio and abdominal workouts.
  • Designed to rip abs and lean the body.


  • The workout is intense.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Will not help the follower achieve 6-pack abs if they are overweight.
  • Should not be followed with permission from your doctor.


Shaun T is quickly gaining popularity for his insane workouts. The Hip Hop Abs Extreme program is just another in a series of intense workouts designed for the fit, not the dieting. There is no diet program included with the DVDs. The Extreme Cardio DVD could be too intense for the average dieter.

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