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HiQi (pronounced high-chee) Health is a line of health care products by Dr. Rulin Xiu designed to correct the natural imbalances of the body. The all natural product line focuses on such issues as high blood pressure, bowel function, the immune system, restful sleep and energy. Dr. Xiu explains that her herbal product line is all natural, safe and effective – so much so that you will no longer need to take anything – not even her products – once you are well. What we need to establish is do the all natural herb ingredients in Dr. Xiu’s products do all she claims. Let’s look a little deeper into HiQi Health.

List of Ingredients

By visiting the HiQi Health website (HiQiHealth.com), those interested in the ingredients of each of the products will find a well explained, in-depth look at each all natural herbal ingredient.

Product Features

While the effectiveness of herbal supplements has been questioned by some, much success has been realized by many as well. A basic fact about herbal supplements is that there are no known side effects associated with most of the products. Dr. Xiu believes in her product line so much that she is willing to refund 100% of the purchase price if you are not completely satisfied – “no questions asked”. When visiting the website, the FAQ section covers many questions that most have regarding herbal supplements. The website also addresses the effectiveness of the products, how they were tested and questions regarding the ordering process. They also feature some very impressive testimonials from several satisfied customers, especially those regarding the blood pressure supplement HiQi Healthy Blood Pressure, formally known as Holistrol.

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  • All natural herbal ingredients with in-depth descriptions of each.
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Customer testimonials are very impressive.


  • The effectiveness of herbal supplements has not been substantiated by the FDA.
  • There is no proven weight management products offered.


Dr. Rulin Xiu, founder of HiQi Health seems to want to be honest and upfront with her customers. She also appears to see the need to keep them well informed about the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients. The fact that she believes in her products is reflected in her 100% money back guarantee. The down side is that herbal supplements are still out for evaluation. While most other supplement manufacturers and marketers desire to keep the customer on their products indefinitely, Dr. Xiu claims that her products, as well as all others, will no longer be needed once you “are well”. This sets HiQi Health apart from the rest.

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5 User Reviews about HiQi

  • 1

    highly recommend this product for high blood pressure. NOT
    intended for weight loss. no
    side effects. All natural ingredients and works right away.


  • 2

    Holistrol was the old name and it was changed to HiQi.


  • 3

    what is the difference between holistrol and HiQi?
    Please let me know.
    Angie D



    Excellent product which lowers blood pressure and no side effects compared to the beta blocker I was on previously.



    HiQi is an excellent product, but service is a bit low. The old name and new is the same product. Not sure why they changed it. I use it every time to lower blood pressure to normal, just before an Department of Transportation examine. Blood pressure border line of 140/90. I am now taking it for a year to see if it does as she claims and sees if it brings it down permanently. I have noticed some say they double the recommended dosage to get it to initially to work. I just take normal dosage and within a week or half. I see results to normal.