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The HMR At Home Diet is said to provide the dieter a “healthy, highly structured, and practical” program to keep the dieter from having to make decisions on what to eat throughout the day by providing detailed and thorough daily meal plans.


The official website for the HMR At Home Diet provides a very detailed and very thorough list of foods offered on the program as well as the nutrition information and the actual ingredients in each food item. The food items are items such as meal entrees, shakes/puddings, cereals, chicken soup, and BeneFit Bars.

Product Features

The HMR At Home Diet provides a very strict diet regimen for individuals who have a hard time losing weight on their own by having to make their own decisions throughout the day as to what they can or will consume. The HMR At Home Diet makes the decisions for you and gives you the option of actually joining a center that monitors the individual dieter or provides the products and diet regimen directly to the dieter to do from the privacy of their home by allowing the dieter to buy the products from the official HMR At Home Diet website.

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  • The official product website for the HMR At Home Diet is very user friendly and detailed lists of food products and ingredients which are easily located on the website.
  • The website offers several detailed customer testimonials as well as before and after photos to go along with the testimonial and even has video testimonials which confirms that there is a higher success rate by using the HMR At Home Diet.


  • The kits and products that need to be used for the HMR At Home Diet are very costly and start around $100 to $300 per kit.
  • You must only consume the products in the HMR At Home Diet kit and no other store bought items are to be combined with this diet which is considered deprivation for most dieters and the diet may not be used long term.
  • To order the kits you are redirected to another website which becomes a bit less user friendly and almost seems to attempt to hide the costs of the products.


There are very thorough and detailed customer testimonials provided on the official product website for the HMR At Home Diet. They provide actual success stories along with the before and after photos and even a few video testimonials which actually provides proof for the consumer that the diet regimen does work. The HMR At Home Diet is very structured and strict which many dieters need since they have a difficult time making the decisions on what is healthy versus unhealthy throughout the day and therefore make wrong decisions and keeps them from losing weight and not sticking to their diet out of frustration. The negative to this program is that it is very costly at about $100 to $300 per kit and does not specify how long the kit is supposed to last the dieter. Our opinion is that this would be a great diet plan for the severely obese because of its strict and structured nature.

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    Rolf Mcdorman

    Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thank you Nonetheless I am experiencing difficulty with ur rss . Don


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    Ruth Simon

    I have been using HMR at home to lose 32 pounds, with great success, but I cannot say how it would be for others. I have lost a large amount over the last eight years and kept almost all of it off. I decided after eight years that I wanted to take off the weight put back a pound a year or so and lose 15 new ones. This was my choice. I had learned wonderful discipline already but never considered I was “on a diet.” HMR at Home is definitely a diet, but I know what I’ll do when I finish, which is to go back to what I was doing before, so I’m not worried about regaining. As far as not specifying how long each kit lasts, they do. They recommend 3 shakes and 2 entrees each day; the starter “kit” is for three weeks, and thereafter a continuing order that lasts two weeks gets you free shipping and a 10% discount. Because I add fruits and vegetables (as they intend), I have remained satisfied and continue to be close to 100% compliance, not what I would ordinarily expect.