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HMR Diet Review - Does This Diet Program Really Work? Are high price and negative dieter reviews deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

hmr-diet-product-imageWe’ve heard all sorts of buzz regarding the HMR Diet, so we conducted an in-depth review, examining the ingredients, side effects, scientific studies and overall customer service. We additionally focused on dozens of user reviews and dieter comments from around the web. Lastly, we compacted all of the facts and details in order to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

The HMR Diet stands for Health Management Resources Diet. This method uses coaches that help each individual dieter with reaching his or her goal. There are three different approaches mentioned on the official website, which include Decision-Free (includes coaching and medical supervision), Healthy Solutions (is self-guided or in an HMR clinic) and Healthy Shakes (can be done at home with support materials and supplement shakes). Calorie restriction is an important part of the HMR Diet. There are more than 40 clinics located all over the United States, and a tool is provided on the website to help you pinpoint the nearest clinic. Typically dieters go through a six-week program or longer, which can cost between $1,200 to $1,900.

The HMR Diet dates back to 1986, and there are some success stories posted on the official website. There are convenient supplement bars and shakes included in this diet, and medical professionals are available to assist you, but read on…

The Price – Ouch!

“After doing a bit of research, we discovered that the actual cost of the HMR Diet varies. While some people pay around $1,200, others spend up to $2,000, which is certainly not affordable for some dieters,” says our research editor.

One customer said, “The cost of this diet is just insane. Be sure to ask about it before you get started!”

Another stated, “I never thought losing weight would be so EXPENSIVE.”

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Negative Dieter Reviews

There are quite a few dieter complaints posted online regarding the HMR Diet program. In fact, one customer said, “I decided to stop because my skin itched all the time. I believe this is due to the aspartame in the shakes.”

Another dieter said, “How can you HONESTLY believe this is GOOD for you?!?!? It has ASPARTAME and HYDROGENATED OILS!!!! This is a waste of money, and more importantly it is dangerous to your health to use it. STOP IT NOW!!!!!”

Our research has shown that if a certain facet of a diet program or weight loss supplement is especially concerning (a painful/difficult exercise routine, high price, too many customer complaints) the probability of long-term success is quite minimal. Therefore, if the HMR Diet does in fact cause a lot of customer complaints, this could be very problematic.

The Science

It’s no big secret that reducing your daily calorie intake can lead to weight loss. Therefore the HMR Diet can likely work for some people. As far as clinical research is concerned, this is not really addressed on the official website. We at DietSpotlight must see documented scientific studies that support the diet or weight loss product and how it encourages weight reduction. Unfortunately we did not find this for the HMR Diet.

The Bottom Line

We are excited about this diet program and the fact that professional assistance is provided. However, we do not recommend the HMR Diet because it is just so expensive. You should also be aware that clinic locations may not be available in your area. Furthermore, we found quite a few customer complaints regarding the supplements used for this diet program.

If you are trying to lose weight quickly and rock your best body, we encourage you to select a diet program or weight loss supplement that is easy on the wallet and supported by real science.

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What You Should Know

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The HMR Diet, otherwise known as the Health Management Resources Diet, is a modified form of the VLCD diet. It combines partial liquid fasting with low calorie meals and snacks for a complete diet plan, which they recommend for patients who need to lose over 40 lbs. HMR has over 40 clinics in the U.S. along with counselor-guided home diet programs, with diet plans customized for the individual. Each individual goes through an intensive 6-week program (usually involving liquid fasting) where they claim most patients lose the most weight; after the 6 week period, the patient eats a low calorie diet consisting of meals prepared by HMR. The HMR diet itself is a long-term diet plan that costs between $1,200 to $1,900 per diet plan. The cost is for its long-term use, which usually ranges from six months to two years. HMR claims that typical patients lose around 60 lbs. total, which rounds out to 5 lbs. per month -- a bit low for a VLCD diet. It is one of the few diets available that offers long-term solutions guided by medical staff, however, which could help explain the high price tag. Currently, there are no money-back guarantees or free samples, but this plan can be canceled at any time. Alternatively, HMR products can also be purchased separately.


HMR's most popular product, HMR 100-Calorie Weight-Loss Shakes, contain the following ingredients: Nonfat Dry Milk, Maltodextrin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Dried Egg White, Sodium Saccharin, Sucrose, Lecithin, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin A Palmitate, Phytonadione (Vitamin K1), Vitamin D3. Sweetened with Saccharin and Nutritive Sweeteners. To learn ingredient information about a specific HMR product, please visit their website.

Product Features

HMR's products, which mostly consist of pre-prepared meals and weight loss drinks, contain a high amount of soy and fake sugars. Numerous studies show that fake sugars, such as Nutrisweet, have negative side effects and might be linked to cancer risk. Physicians also do not approve of HMR's high soy content. HMR claims these ingredients help people lose weight, although it is probably due to the low caloric content. People on the HMR diet typically consume between 500 to 1,200 calories per day, whereas physicians recommend taking 1,200 minimum for a healthy diet. A surprising amount of hospitals use the HMR diet to treat obese individuals, however, which is promising. Many testimonials also back up HMR's weight loss claims.

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  • It primarily intended for clinically obese individuals who need to lose over 40 lbs. for long-term weight loss.
  • All products are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Professional staff will help you with your diet and give you emotional support.


  • HMR is very expensive - completing this diet will cost you at least $1,200.
  • HMR contains a lot of soy, which worries some doctors and which should be avoided by many patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Physicians believe this diet is too low in calories and is dangerous in terms of nutrition.
  • People are not eligible for this diet if they have any pre-existing heart conditions.


HMR is very expensive and very narrow - you need to meet specific criteria to qualify for this diet, including an overweight (or near) BMI, a healthy immune system, and no pre-existing conditions. The overuse of soy in its products is alarming to physicians, who warn against taking too much soy. However, HMR is a convenient, portion-controlled diet plan for people who want a convenient solution along with a lot of structure and product support.
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105 User Reviews About HMR Diet

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  • 1
    Emma Derrick

    I am currently taking 2 medication for my 2 heart vessels partial blockage.
    Stop sending me your products.


  • 2

    I went on the 500 calorie form of the HMR diet in 1999 and lost 126 pounds. I had tried many other programs, but had only kept gaining. There were side effects–I lost some of my hair, and I had difficulty with constipation. But I found it to be literally a life-saving program. It was highly structured. I met weekly with a professional dietician and fellow dieters, and also with a doctor who monitored my health closely. The best part of the program was the follow-up, which I stayed with, weekly, until the local hospital closed our site in 2011. Although I no longer use their products, I follow the practices I learned during my 12 years with them, and am within 10 pounds of my original weight loss goal. I highly recommend it.


  • 3

    Is the home HMR diet available in Canada?


  • 4
    marie cerbone

    what type of soy does the 500 shake and chicken soup have?


  • 5
    Bob Haluska

    Lost 90 pounds in 6 months. Terrific, BUT. Turns out I also lost significant muscle strength. Archery is my hobby and now I don’t have the strength to draw my bow. I mentioned this at my HMR meeting and was told that they hadn’t heard of strength loss. Really? Most clients don’t have an activity that “measures” strength so they don’t realize they have lost strength. Any comments?


    Your Name

    I know that when you lose weight, you lose both fat and muscle tissue. To avoid a significant amount of muscle tissue loss, you need to keep exercising during your diet. The clinic-based program, especially, emphasizes the importance of exercise, although they do not specifically mention strength training. Personally, I increased my gym workouts during my 80 lb weight loss process. I gained muscle. I am now in Phase II, and am keeping up with my high level workout scheme. It worked for me, and I feel very healthy and happy now. I am sorry that you lost strength so that now you can’t enjoy your sport of choice. May I kindly recommend that you begin strength training – preferably with a professional trainer. That person will work with you to help you regain the muscles you need for archery (terrific sport!), and you will likely gain other muscles in the process.


  • 6
    Marilyn Ceniti

    Isn’t it bad for the thyroid gland to absorb that much soy?


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