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The Hollywood 48 Hour Diet is marketed by the manufacturer as a weight loss system that also helps your body detox in addition to helping you lose weight. The creator of this product is Jamie Kabler who states that he created this product following his own personal weight loss challenges. In fact Jamie Kabler makes the extraordinary claim that using this product can result in up to ten pounds of weight loss in 2 days. The Hollywood 48 Hour Diet is taken in the form of a drink which is made up of a number of fruit juices, as well as vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer’s official website for the Hollywood 48 hour diet does not state which juices or vitamins are contained in the juice products.

List of Ingredients

Not given.

Product Features

The Hollywood 48 hour diet consists of taking one bottle of 32 fluid oz of juice over a 48 hour period. One bottle costs $24.95, although the manufacturer’s website from which the product can be ordered does contain some special promotions. The site advises that when taking the Hollywood 48 Hour diet you should refrain from smoking, drinking coffee or eating anything that contains sugar. After the 48 hours are completed if you are not satisfied with the weight loss obtained, the manufacturer’s site advises you to follow the thirty-day weight loss program. The thirty-day programme consists of replacing one meal a day with the Hollywood 48 hour diet drink, preferably the evening meal. The website for this weight loss product contains a number of impressive testimonials from those claiming to have used the product.

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    There is an official manufacturer’s website.

  • The website for the Hollywood 48 hour diet does give an email address, and telephone number which you can contact for any questions and you can also have access to a counsellor.
  • The site does state this product is not suitable for diabetics. Many other weight loss products do not give this warning, even though diabetics should only follow a weight loss program under the supervision of a physician.


  • The official website does not list the ingredients.
  • The 30 day weight loss plan means that your body is continually being subjected to a heavy detoxification regime
  • This program requires a significant lifestyle change, and users may not be comfortable skipping full meals and replacing them with liquids.
  • Return policy is unclear.
  • Some users report often feeling hungry or fatigued on this program.
  • Does not seem to be formulated for long-term weight loss.


Taking this product over a forty eight hour period is probably not going to do you any harm, as long as you follow the given indications and do not consume it if you are diabetic or pregnant. Although the personal testimonials for this product are impressive, there have been no standardized trials of this product that we could find. A list of ingredients in the product would be a welcome addition to the website. We would like to say that this seems to be one of the safer weight loss products on the market, but the lack of a comprehensive ingredients listed on the website prevents us from doing so with confidence.

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  • 1

    I live in Tulsa Ok and would like to find it in a store in stead of ordering it can you help me


  • 2
    Alexa Jaramillo

    Do you have to be 18 years or older to buy the product at walgreens?


  • 3
    Christiana Hammerstad

    I have to get across my appreciation for your kind-heartedness giving support to those individuals that actually need help with that concern. Your special dedication to getting the solution all-around came to be especially helpful and has surely allowed people much like me to achieve their endeavors. Your personal valuable instruction denotes a lot a person like me and still more to my mates. Regards; from each one of us.


  • 4

    I want to know where you purchase this Juice? Also I read in a comment Rite Aid, we have a Rite Aid, apparently it is 32 ounce, is there a specific Juice your supposed to use? Would be grateful for a reply :-)




    It can be purchased at walmart.


  • 5

    This is a great way to jump start your healthy life changing eating habits. I try to eat right all the time. When I eat something bad like if I go on vacation you are not trying to watch what you eat so I eat what I want then when I come back home from enjoying my vacation I start the 48 hour diet. I usually stay on it for a week start Monday and go thru Friday. The first day is easy because I have just eaten everything I wanted to eat the second day is okay the third day I was hungry but like everyone said have a few sips then drink 8oz of water an you will be fine. Then the other days are easy. I usually lose about 15-20lbs. and inches. I hope this helps people to make their decision on the 48 hour diet. I love it.


  • 6
    Dorenda LaVaughn

    I just started the 48hour diet i hope this really work because I need to lose about 100 pound


  • 7

    The Hollywood 48 hour diet drink works! It taste awesome! I added ice to mine and I also had another cup of water around me all the time. I did feel hungry the first day. I did cheat the first day..I ate a banana. I just had too. After I ate it I felt a little better, but felt so guilty…I wanted to quit! I just told myself, if you can’t do this diet…no other diet will work for you either. I kept myself busy by cleaning house, homework, exercising. I was amazed that I was not tired. Again, no side effects! I weighed myself the next morning..I lost 3lbs. I was so shocked! I was ready for day two, I felt like I had so much energy..the second day was nothing..I just kept sipping away and it took care of the hungryness. I recommend this to anyone who wants to jump start their diet. I bet your wondering about the weigh in after the 48 hours right?! I lost another 4 pounds! A total of 7 pounds…I am not kidding around! I am so happy I feel like going back to walgreens and buying some more bottles. It really works! Try it and I promise it will work for you too. I’m trying the Hollywood cookie diet today. Ill let you all know how that goes! Hope this helps someone else! :)


  • 8

    I’m finishing up my 48hr diet drink and want to know what to eat the next day so I don’t put the weight back on that I lost?


  • 9

    The hollywood 48hr diet can be found on walmart.com.. I kno its online but i was able to buy 2 bottles and have them shipped next-dair-air for only $5!! its awesome just like gas money. Hopefully i’ll have a raving review for you….


  • 10

    Ihave used this diet over the years several times. I have always lost between 8 to 10 pounds in the two days. I searched for it Ohio for a while at Warmart, who seemed to stop carrying it. I stumbled upon it a Rite Aid and promptly bought two bottles. I lost 10 pounds again, and a friend of mine who I purchased it for lost 14 pounds. I don’t know what happened with people who say they didn’t loose. The only thing I could say is that they must not have done it right. this products works!


  • 11

    okay after the second day you dont eat rigth…… okay what bout the 3 day can you eat diet food


  • 12

    I tied the 48 hour 3 times like 7 years ago and lost a over all of like about 15 pounds and 4 inches in my waist but I ust cant findit any more I live in Washington can some onetell me whare I can uy it???



    I live in WA, you can find it @ Rite Aid.


  • 13

    first day of the hollywood diet was amazing didnt want food just the tast of it lol
    i lost 4 pounds so far & my husband lost 6! still one day to go looking forward to the results!!


  • 14

    This product is a worthless piece of junk. I used it as described and had no results whatsoever. Of course if you replace a meal for limon jiuce for 30 days after the 48 hour you should loose some weight, but the 48 program hour itself is a scam.



    actually it really works within hours it started working i lost 3 pounds and its my first day, not even done with the day, have you drank a full glass of water in between drinks? it helps flush out


  • 15

    How does the 48 hour diet compare to the 2day diet? I’m talking about the real 2day diet that took off weight and not the fakes.



    2 days and 48 hours are the same ammount of time…


  • 16
    shenathra collins

    I just successfully tried the Hollywood 48 diet and I was suprised that I went 2 whole days without eating! I’m not sure as to how much weight I lost but I also worked out twice a day on both days as well. I thougth that the drink was rather tasty for it to be a detox drink. The first day I was very motivated and completed it with no problem butthe second day my hunger pangs was out the roof. I controlled my hunger oangs by sipping on the juice and water. Overall I think that I will do this again next week.



    hello my name is deondra i got a ? okay on the second frist and second day you dont eat nothing right. on the 3day can you eat diet food will that make gain weight ths is my frit time try thisHollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet,


  • 17

    In my experience, this product does do what it says. You will lose weight but be aware that it is not all fat. Most of the weight lost will be water weight from cleansing and detoxifying your body. Also be aware that to follow instructions, you will not be able to eat or drink anything else but water for 2 days. This is not impossible but difficult for some. My hunger pangs were sporadic but sips of juice with a glass of water quickly calmed them. Be prepared to drink a lot of water because you are only allowed so much juice (32 oz of juice diluted with water) per day. The first day, I felt a little weak but ok and the second day I actually woke up with energy which is not normal. Throughout the second day, I had less hunger pangs and stomach growls and even considered buying another bottle to do another day. My main motivation for doing this was to boost my weight loss for a challenge at work. Person with the largest percentage of weight loss wins the pot of money everyone participating chipped in. I lost 7 pounds and did notice that clothes were fitting better but some of it does come back once you start eating again.



    Thanks so much for the detailed response. I love people like you. It’s so annoying when someone says “it’s great!” or “Hate it” with no explination!!


  • 18

    dose this product realy work im 23 years old and have had 3 kids since i was 17 i need to loose about 20 pounds will this help at all



    it will help if you use it as a kick-off to a lifestyle change. otherwise, it obviously will not give you lasting results.


  • 19
    sabrina urquhart

    I have always liked this product and had great results.What stores still carry this product?I live in nshville,tenn Davidson county and cant find it at all.I was able to get it at walmart and walgreens not anymore.



    i found this product at the walmart in franklin!!!


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