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The Hollywood Cookie Diet is said to assist the dieter in restricting their daily calorie intake by ingesting a total of four high fiber and high protein cookies for both breakfast and lunch to maintain a sense of fullness. The cookies are considered a meal replacement.

List of Ingredients

The official product website for the Hollywood Cookie Diet does list the ingredients for the cookies on its website. From first glance it looks as if the cookies contain the same ingredients and nutrition facts as other regular store bought cookies. The ingredients are as follows: “Enriched Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats, Vegetable Margarine, Hollywood Premier Protein Blend, Crystalline Fructose, Sugar, Raisins, Maltitol Syrup, Polydextrose, Vegetable Glycerine, Egg Whites, Powdered Cellulose, Calcium Carbonate, Spices, Mono- and Diglycerides, Natural Flavors, Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Soy Lecithin, and Sucralose”.

Product Features

The strategy behind the use of the Hollywood Cookie Diet is that the cookies contain high protein and high fiber and are intended to satiate the dieters hunger and give a sense of fullness for a longer period of time. The cookies eaten on the Hollywood Cookie Diet are meal replacements and a total of four cookies are to be consumed between breakfast and lunch time. Along with a healthy dinner at night and a regular exercise regimen, the reduction of daily calories will cause one to begin weight loss without the deprivation factor.

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  • Consuming the cookies on the Hollywood Cookie Diet could cause the dieter to stick to their diet program since they are not depriving themselves from their share of “treats” throughout the day.
  • The official product website for the Hollywood Cookie Diet offers a free download of suggested recipes for the healthy dinner that the dieter is to maintain during the diet.


  • The ingredients in the Hollywood Cookie Diet could be compared to that of a normal store bought cookie, and other than the added Hollywood Premier Protein Blend there is not much difference.
  • One box of the Hollywood Cookie Diet cookies is $19.95 for only 12 cookies which is only a three day serving so the diet could become costly along with having to buy regular store bought food for the dinner portion of their meal plan.
  • The Hollywood Cookie Diet website does not provide customer testimonials or any before and after photos which is essential for most consumers in order to make an educated decision before buying the product.


There are no customer testimonials available for viewing on the official product website for the Hollywood Cookie Diet which could deter some consumers from buying the products. Testimonials are important for many consumers since it allows them to make an educated decision before buying. A positive to the Hollywood Cookie Diet is that many dieters do not stick to their diets due to the deprivation factor, but the Hollywood Cookie Diet allows the dieter to have their “treats” throughout the day by eating four cookies, while masking the fact that they are consuming a good amount of protein and fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. The product itself is somewhat costly since each box of 12 cookies is $19.95 which is only a three day serving in addition to having to buy regular store bought food for the dinner portion of their daily meal plans. While we agree that this diet could be a good solution for some dieters who feel they “need” their treats during the day, we don’t feel this is the best solution for dieters who have a lot of weight to lose or for any dieter to become accustomed to consuming cookies all day when there are other healthy alternatives to the cookies that do contain sugar.

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13 User Reviews about Hollywood Cookie Diet

  • 1

    Doe the Hollywood Cookie diet product, contain anything that will make you jittery ?


  • 2

    I love the Hollywood Cookie Diet. I can gain weight back on any diet, I just have to remain focused. I absolutey hated the R&D cookie diet – couldn’t even swallow them they were so bad. I did like the Dr. Siega’s cookie diet, but they’re too expensive. The Hollywood Cookie Diet is the best.


  • 3

    I am thinking of doing this to get a kick start @ my wieghtloss because it is going so slow.
    Costco has these on sale for $99.99 for 120cookie/30day supply oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip which is better. And they say eat 4 a day, how many is everyone else eating and what is a typical food day like.



    need to know if coffee is out in the morning…?


  • 4

    I love the cooke diet. Lost 8 pounds last week that I gained over the holidays. I’ve done the Hollywood 48-hr Miracle Diet, usually losing @ 5 lbs, but am so hungry when I do it. The cookies definitely keep me full longer.


  • 5

    I love the cookie diet, I lost over 20 lbs within five weeks. I will continue with the cookie diet.


  • 6

    Can you drink diet sodas on the Hollywood Cookie diet?


    Commack Kid

    If you read the box it says not to drink any soda, including diet sodas.


  • 7

    Someone recommended the R&D Diet Cookie to me and I am returning the favor here… you really want to try these if you want to try the cookie diet. They taste better, they look better, they work better and they are SOOOOOO much cheaper! They even throw in extra cookies when you buy 2 weeks worth so that you only end up paying around $5 in shipping. I totally recommend them!


  • 8
    Margie Lofton

    I bought the cookies today. I will keep you updated on my results.I will start tomorrow.


  • 9

    i effing love cookieess! liikeee oh em geeeeee



    what kind are you eating, how much have you lost


  • 10
    shirley summers

    How much can i loss in aweeks time,also have any one loss atless two pounds a week.