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In recent years, many celebrities have brought detoxifying products into the forefront as the new trendy way to drop body weight. Hollywood Detox Body Wraps is just one of the many body wraps on the market that are intended to let dieters detoxify their body’s at an affordable price while in the comfort of their own home. Body Wraps have made many lofty claims which say that consumers can actually achieve weight loss instantly as well as lose several inches. There are several home body wraps available on the market which include Cellulite Body Wraps, Skin Tightening Body Wraps, Purity Body Wraps and Detox Body Wraps. For the sake of this review, we will discuss Detox Body Wraps.

List of Ingredients

According to the official website for The Hollywood Detox Body Wrap, their unique formulation contains various grades of clay, both seabed and glacial, in addition to special amino acids and aloe vera which work to promote extended inch loss benefits which helps tighten and tone the skin.

Product Features

The clay is said to draw toxins from the pores while the bandages are compress the skin, pushing it back into place after the toxins are withdrawn. The Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is said to promote immediate results which will last long term as it relates to inch loss on all areas of the body. The wrap can be used on women and men alike. The product claims to be of salon quality which can now be purchased and used in the home without the high price tag. The Hollywood Detox Body Wrap promises to make cellulite and stretch marks look less noticeable, while also toning sagging skin, drawing toxins out of the body and lessening the appearance of aging on the skin particularly in the neck area and the back of the upper arms.

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  • Celebrities all over the world seem to praise the results that they have experienced after having a body detox.
  • The Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is said to extract toxins and waste from the body.


  • The Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is expensive and all that the kit contains is Natural Sea Clay and two large bandages.
  • Weight loss from body wraps are temporary and the process must be repeated to achieve long term results.


Body Wraps are marketed as an effective way to slim the body, treat cellulite, firm and clear the skin, detoxify the body. Weight loss benefits associated with body wraps have been shown to be temporary. The process must be repeated again and again to maintain results. Other than Dead Sea clay, amino acids and aloe vera, there are no other ingredients found in the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap. Since celebrities created a lot of hype around body wraps as a new trendy way to lose weight, several home versions of have popped up in the marketplace. The makers of Body Wraps make lofty claims that consumers will achieve instant weight loss and lose several inches in a short period of time, as in under one hour. By healthcare standards, body wrap treatments are considered to be a weight loss fad. When searching for a weight loss aid, be sure that the product is backed up by clinical research, customer testimonials as well as before and after photos. There are some reputable products on the market that work well but unfortunately the Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is not one of them.

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    I recently got the hollywood body wraps but I don’t know how often should I use them.


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    Repeat until u get result you want excerise helps green tea plenty of water.