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The Hollywood Miracle Product is a line of products designed for quick weight loss and detoxification. The products claim to cleanse the body of toxins and parasites to help a person lose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds in 24 to 48 hours. Weight loss results will vary, and this kind of weight loss is not generally considered healthy.

List of Ingredients

There are several products in the Hollywood Miracle Product line. Each product will have its own unique ingredients.

Product Features

Hollywood Miracle products include the 15 Day Detox Diet, The Hollywood Cookie Diet, available in chocolate chip and oatmeal, Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle, and Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle. These products are all cheap quick fixes offering no real long term benefits for weight loss and health. The ingredients are not listed, so we can’t tell if anything in the formulas is actually healthy for you. These diets are comprised of cookies or drinks to use as meal replacements. This will help you lose weight by essentially starving you and greatly reducing your caloric intake, so that by doing what you normally do, you’ll lose weight. Due to the nature of speed of this weight loss, the weight is water and will quickly return. Depending on the product, there will be different instructions for how to use it. For the 24 and 48 hour diets, it is not recommended to consume any food, caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco. For each meal, mix four ounces of concentrate with four ounces of water and sip on it for four hours. It is important to drink 8 full eight ounce glasses of water each day.

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  • These products are inexpensive.


  • These are fad products that claim fast weight loss.
  • Any weight loss experienced with these products is likely water weight and therefore will be difficult to keep off.
  • These programs do not address exercise.
  • These programs offer meal replacement products, which will lead to weight loss through starvation.


For those who want to lose weight in a quick pinch, this may be the best way to go. We don’t recommend using these products for any long period of time because of the lack of food and nutrition. For better, healthier, and long term weight loss, we recommend using a balanced diet with exercise, plenty of water intake, and a weight loss supplement that contains a proven fat burner or appetite suppressor. This way the weight will shed slowly, but it will be much more likely to stay off.

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