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The Holy Grail Body Transformation is a new program by Tom Venuto, the man behind Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. The basis of the program is a difficult one, simultaneously burning fat and building muscle. The difficulty of this undertaking is what gives it its name.

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The book begins by discussing the science and medical theories behind how you can burn fat and build muscle. With the majority of weight loss programs, you lose muscle and fat together at the same time, which somewhat defeats the purpose. Then, he goes on to explain how the techniques in his Holy Grail program are different so you can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. The next section of the book talks about his detailed plan for eating, based on nutritional periodization and nutrient timing. The basic approach is that for three days you will consume reduced calories, and for one day you will eat more. Then, the cycle continues to keep your body guessing and the metabolism working overtime. Adjustments will be made in the nutrients you eat, with special focus on nutrition after your workouts. You should eat within a half hour after you finish your workout and the meal should consist of lean proteins and high carbs. A liquid based meal is the prime choice after a workout because it is absorbed into the body more quickly than a meal of whole foods. However, if you are more concerned with fat loss than muscle gain, stick to whole foods after your workout because they have more fiber and will keep you feeling fuller longer. The two biggest meals you eat every day should be before and after you exercise. There is an entire section of the book dedicated to workouts and exercises.

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  • This program increases the chances that you will burn fat and build muscle at the same time.
  • This program does not restrict your carbohydrate intake.
  • This program encourages stress management and getting enough sleep at night.


  • There are no vegan friendly meal plans.
  • There are no recipes.
  • This program does not allow you to consume alcohol until your goals are reached.
  • This program requires complicated meal planning.
  • If you have a social occasion or are dining out at a restaurant, this diet can be hard to stick to.


Using the Holy Grail Body Transformation, you may be able to increase the chance you will burn fat while also building muscle. This program does not guarantee results, but will likely help if you follow it correctly, Make sure your nutrition is balanced, you are working out every day, and you are taking a proven weight loss supplement for even better results.

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