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Home Bistro was a prepared meal company that delivered fully cooked meals to your door. The company is no longer in business as DineWise took over the complete catalog and production for Home Bistro. The official website shows a long list of meal plans, including poultry, seafood and beef meals. Weight loss meals are included in the Lighter Side Menu and Weight Loss categories.

List of Ingredients

Prepared meals from Home Bistro / DineWise.

Product Features

While the official website for Home Bistro is still live, all links lead the dieter to the DineWise website. DineWise is a prepared meal company that took over production and sales for Home Bistro. The catalog was adopted without change, according to information on the Home Bistro website.

The Lighter Side Menu contains healthy meals like turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegetables, turkey black bean chili and raspberry grilled chicken. All ingredients and nutritional information is listed at the bottom of the page. The turkey meatloaf, for instance, contains 360 calories, 18 grams fat and 23 grams protein.

Under the Weight Loss category, we find several meal plans for weight loss. Most are divided into two categories, Value and Gourmet. The Value menu includes meals like waffles, flounder, turkey burgers and lasagna. The Gourmet menu includes many of the same meals included on the Value menu. Several of the meals are exactly the same and the price of the plans ARE the same. We even found the same recipes and meals in both week one and week two of each menu. Looking around the DineWise website, we also found several other menu plans with the same meals, including the Men’s Health Magazine weight loss meals.

One complete week with breakfast, lunch and dinner costs about $209.00. Menus can be tweaked to leave out breakfasts and meals can be ordered by the case from the a la carte menu. In addition to weight loss and lower calorie meals, there are traditional meals and dessert menus from Home Bistro.

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  • No calorie or fat counting.
  • Delivered to the door ready to heat and eat.
  • Generous portions.


  • Expensive compared to home cooking.
  • Home Bistro is no longer in business – DineWise now owns the company.


Home food delivery services are ideal for the dieter with expendable income and little time to count calories and fat. Home Bistro offers low calorie and diet options, but the price is far higher than cooking these meals at home. Meals tend to be the same across the Value, Gourmet and Men’s Health packages. With two weeks of meals, there is bound to be more than one meal that repeats. We suggest cooking at home and taking the time to count calories for weight loss.

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