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Hoodia 2K is a weight loss supplement offered by KRK Supplements which contains the popular ingredient hoodia. Hoodia is believed to be a powerful appetite suppressant which works by fooling the brain into thinking the body has eaten and is full. Hoodia 2K is said to be unique because it contains 20 times more functional hoodia than other hoodia products on the market. Hoodia 2K is the kicked-up-a-notch version of another KRK supplement, Hoodia 1000. Hoodia 2K contains twice the amount of hoodia per serving as Hoodia 1000. The hoodia contained in Hoodia 2K is certified as being authentic, legally exported and imported hoodia from South Africa.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia 2K contains hoodia gordonii, gelatin and microcrystalline cellulose.

Product Features

KRK Supplements claims that Hoodia 2K contains 20 times more functional hoodia than similar supplements. This refers to the 20:1 wet to dry ratio of the whole plant concentrated to powder. Basically, that means that 20 pounds of whole hoodia plant is concentrated to one pound of powder that is used to make Hoodia 2K. Because of this ratio, the makers of Hoodia 2K claim that it contains 20 times more functional hoodia than if they had ground the plant up water and all. As is the case with Hoodia 1000, Hoodia 2K does not contain any specific part of the hoodia gordonii plant, but contains the whole plant. Some proponents of hoodia have suggested that specific parts of the plant are more effective at suppressing the appetite than others, so this point is important to keep in mind. The product label states that Hoodia 2K contains 100 mg of 20:1 hoodia, which translates into 2000 mg of hoodia per serving. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules, but the label does not state how many servings per day are recommended.

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  • Hoodia 2K contains twice as much hoodia as Hoodia 1000, which is another hoodia product offered by KRK Supplements.
  • The cost is low, at $25.00 for 1 bottle containing 90 capsules.


  • It is unclear how many capsules of Hoodia 2K can or should be taken per day.
  • No product guarantee could be found.
  • Advertising does not provide any clinical verification of the effectiveness of Hoodia 2K as an appetite suppressant.


Hoodia 2K appears to contain a large amount of hoodia, for a very low price. This makes Hoodia 2K a better choice than similar products that contain much less hoodia and are about the same price or more expensive. However, the advertising does not cite or provide any clinical research that support the claims presented about Hoodia 2K. The suggestion is made that because Hoodia 2K contains the whole hoodia plant instead of a particular part of the plant, it is a more desirable product. But popular opinion suggests that whole hoodia is not as effective an appetite suppressant as just the root of the plant, so Hoodia 2K then becomes less attractive to those in the market for a powerful hoodia-containing weight loss pill. On the other hand, Hoodia 2K does not contain any fat-burning ingredients; therefore there is not a risk of the negative side effects usually associated with those types of products such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. Hoodia 2K costs $25.00 per bottle, and there is a free shipping offer on the KRK website, as well as a 10% discount offer.

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