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You can spend an entire day trying to sort through the vast array of diet products available online. Many of these supplements contain the same or very similar ingredients, which can make things even more confusing. At this point, you must consider factors like the company’s reputation, whether or not the supplement is sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if clinical research is provided to support the product. You might also find it helpful to check out customer reviews of the diet pill. We are going to examine Hoodia 9000, which is one of many Hoodia-based weight loss products on the market today.


  • Hoodia Gordonii Extract

Product Features

Hoodia 9000 is a diet pill that is claimed to suppress your appetite. This way you will consume less food, which equals fewer calories. A one-month supply of this supplement is $60, but there is no satisfaction guarantee provided. Hoodia 9000 can be taken daily to aid with weight loss, and there is no special diet recommended with this weight reduction formula. Just to be clear, this diet pill does not help burn off fat or boost the metabolism.

The only ingredient used in Hoodia 9000 is pure Hoodia Gordonii Extract. This is a natural cactus plant extract that comes from the Kalahari Desert, which is located in South Africa. It has been used for many years by locals. While Hoodia Gordonii does curb hunger pangs, it does not lead to any known side effects. This ingredient contains the active molecule P-57. This molecule sends signals to your brain, letting it know you are full. There were no user reviews or success stories found to support Hoodia 9000.

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  • This weight loss formula contains Hoodia Gordonii.
  • There are no known side effects that apply to this diet pill.


  • There are dozens of other Hoodia pills and diet products available.
  • This weight loss supplement does not burn off fat or boost energy levels.
  • The cost of Hoodia 9000 is certainly higher than other Hoodia pills.
  • When you purchase this weight loss supplement, it looks like you are enrolled in an automated payment plan.


The vast line of Hoodia-based diet pills can get rather confusing to say the least. After all, with so many of these weight loss supplements to choose from, how do you know which one is best? The price of Hoodia 9000 is quite steep at $60. It is more expensive than alternative Hoodia pills. Furthermore, it appears that an automated payment plan applies to this diet product. This means that once you purchase Hoodia 9000, you will then be charged monthly for a refill that is automatically sent to you.

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