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Hoodia Balance is a weight loss supplement containing with the main ingredient Hoodia gordonii, which is said to be a powerful natural appetite suppressant. Hoodia has recently become very popular because it is supposed to trick the brain into thinking the body is full, producing a satiated feeling. Because there are many fraudulent hoodia products on the market today, the manufacturer of Hoodia Balance certifies that their product is 100% authentic. Hoodia Balance is available in a capsule form which many users find quite convenient.


Hoodia Balance contains hoodia gordonii 750 mg, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, MCC and Can Tab.

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The recommended dosage of Hoodia Balance is 2 capsules once per day, and there are 30 capsules in one bottle. Hoodia Balance is said to suppress the appetite by sending messages to the brain telling it that the body is full. This should lead to a reduction in the amount of calories consumed daily, therefore resulting in weight loss. Another reported effect of hoodia is an improved overall sense of well-being. The makers of Hoodia Balance offer 2 bottles of their product for free, upon purchase of 4 bottles and enrollment in their recurring shipment program. There is also a limited 90-day money back guarantee offered for any unopened and unused product.

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  • Hoodia Balance does not contain stimulants.
  • Hoodia Balance carries the appropriate certification that verifies it contains authentic hoodia.


  • There are many online retailers selling Hoodia Balance knock-off products, so the buyer must be very careful that they purchase the right product.
  • There is no medical research verifying that Hoodia Balance works as well as its manufacturer claims.


Hoodia Balance may be tried by those dieters interesting in hoodia gordonii. There are several price deals available if the product is bought in bulk, and there is some kind of money-back guarantee offered. The fact that the hoodia contained in Hoodia Balance has been certified is encouraging, but there are so many knock-offs with the same name, it would appear very difficult to know exactly what you’re buying. Upon purchase, the official Hoodia Balance website offers membership to their online Health Resource Center, which has exercise and diet programs available as well as a fitness tracking system. The website itself is not as complete as it appears at first, the testimonials do not support the weight loss claims made about Hoodia Balance, and there isn’t much information available about exactly how hoodia gordonii affects the brain. There isn’t any research or medical information provided. In the end, Hoodia Balance is one of many certified hoodia products available today, and this product doesn’t really stand out from all of the others.

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