Hoodia DEX L10 Review

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Hoodia DEX-L10 is available through the product website and a number of grocery stores and pharmacies. The product claims to help dieters lose weight by suppressing the appetite so they consume fewer calories. The company provides clinical studies to back up the claims and is currently in the middle of one of the largest studies done on a weight loss supplement, according to the product website. While we like the fact that this product appears to have research and tests to support its claims, we also like to see customer testimonials that provide a personal perspective on how the product works. Unfortunately we could not find any testimonials for HoodiDEX-L10.

The product information is clearly laid out on the product website, and includes the clinical research along with a complete ingredient list and ample information about the primary active ingredient in the formula, Hoodia. In addition to the original Hoodia DEX-L10 formula, the company also offers Hoodia DEX-L10 Complete, which includes ingredients to boost metabolism and Hoodia DEX-L10 chews that offer consumers an option besides swallowing capsules every day. The chews come in chocolate and lemon-lime flavor and only contain twenty calories each.


The ingredients in the original Hoodia DEX-L10 formula include Hoodia Gordonii, calcium and magnesium. According to the product website, this formula contains 1000 mg of pure Hoodia, which is more than twice what is found in most supplements containing this substance. The company also claims that the Hoodia used in their products comes straight from South Africa and they have the certification to prove it. While we are skeptical of claims companies make about where their Hoodia comes from, we do like to see official certification showing the source of the ingredient. This is an important advantage, since the Hoodia that is grown in this region is in fairly short supply and not terribly easy to come by. Many companies have resorted to using a synthetic version of the active ingredient in Hoodia, P57, which is not as effective. It does not appear that is the case with Hoodia DEX-L10.

Product Features

A one-month supply of the original Hoodia DEX-L10 formula costs $39.95 at the time of this review. Currently, the company is offering a buy one, get one free deal. However, this price is relatively higher than other products that contain Hoodia. In addition, we were unable to find information about a money back guarantee on the website.

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  • The company claims that the Hoodia used in the formula is authentic.
  • The amount of Hoodia included is much higher than what is in other diet supplements.


  • Hoodia may not be the most effective appetite suppressant on the market.
  • Hoodia is much more effective when it is combined with a proven fat burner.
  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee for the product.


While Hoodia has certainly received plenty of hype recently as the ultimate appetite suppressant, we believe that there are equally effective ingredients available for this purpose. In addition, we would encourage consumers to look for proven fat burners in their weight loss formula to ensure they get the best value for their weight loss dollar.

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