Hoodia Fusion Powder Review

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Hoodia Fusion Powder combines fat burning ingredients with the power of Hoodia. Unfortunately, hoodia has no effect on appetite; despite claims the ingredient makes the dieter feel full. There are no dangers associated with hoodia, but many products claim to contain the ingredient but none is found in the formula. If hoodia is on the label and not found in the formula, there could be another ingredient in the formula not listed on the label. In regards to Hoodia Fusion Powder, there is no official website so we could not verify the CITES certificate required to export hoodia from South Africa.

List of Ingredients

Caffeine, Green Tea with EGCG, South African Hoodia and Chromium.

Product Features

If we take the South African Hoodia out of the equation, because it is clinically proven to have no effect on appetite, we are left with three proven weight loss ingredients. It seems the manufacturer simply wanted to add hoodia as a selling point not as an effective ingredient for weight loss.

Caffeine works by increasing heart rate and metabolism. While increasing heart rate has a positive effect on weight loss, too much stimulation can lead to negative side effects like racing heart rate, increased blood pressure and angina or chest pain. We have no idea how much caffeine is included in Hoodia Fusion Powder.

Green tea with EGCG is another proven ingredient that boosts metabolism. It works differently than caffeine, but there is caffeine in the ingredient, increasing the risk of negative side effects. Caffeine and green tea can be balanced for optimal weight loss benefits, but the Hoodia Fusion Powder formula would have to be revealed to ensure this balance and most supplement companies are unwilling to reveal the exact formula.

Chromium helps fight appetite, which is why we cannot understand the addition of hoodia. Chromium eases the spike and drop of blood glucose associated with digestion. If glucose levels are maintained evenly, the dieter feels full when they eat and never has to worry about cravings. This is especially important after meals high in carbohydrates as carbs tend to metabolize quickly.

We could not find Hoodia Fusion Powder for sale at this time, but we did find plenty of complaints about the company stealing money from dieters. The free trial was hooked to an auto-ship program, but the next bottle did not come for six-months, so the dieter never expected the charge.

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  • Contains three proven ingredients.


  • No longer for sale.
  • Many consumer complaints.


Hoodia Fusion Powder is not a weight loss product we suggest the dieter order online. Not only is hoodia not proven to suppress appetite, but consumer complaints link the company to an auto-ship program and credit card charges not approved by the dieter.

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