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Hoodia Health’s Hoodia 500 is a natural appetite suppressant distributed by California Health. The main ingredient is hoodia gordonii, which is a succulent plant from the Southwestern African continent. Hoodia is said to contain a unique molecule that makes the brain think that the body has eaten and that it is satisfied. The results of using Hoodia 500 are said to be less interest in eating, a longer “full feeling” after meals, and being satisfied by meals more quickly and an improved overall sense of positivism. The makers of Hoodia 500 point out that the hoodia contained in their product is 200% South African hoodia that has been cultivated and processed using the highest of standards.

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Hoodia 500 mg

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Hoodia Health’s Hoodia 500 comes in a bottle of 60 “veggie capsules”, and each capsule contains 500 mg of hoodia. There isn’t any information available regarding the ingredients used to make the “veggie capsules”. This product can be purchased from the California Health website, and the site provides a great deal of information about the difference between the hoodia contained in Hoodia 500 and the hoodia contained in other hoodia products. The site states that many hoodia producers have begun to obtain their hoodia from China, Mexico and the U.S., and those forms of hoodia are inferior and do not provide the same appetite suppressing qualities of South African hoodia. The website does not offer dosage information, so it is unclear how many capsules are recommended each day. Therefore, it’s difficult to say how many bottles of Hoodia 500 you need to purchase for a 2-month supply.

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  • Contains no stimulants.


  • There are no dosage instructions available on the website.
  • There are no testimonials or clinical research regarding Hoodia 500 or money-back guarantees offered on the official product website.


The website for Hoodia 500 goes to great lengths to explain how their product is superior to other hoodia products on the market. However, there are no certificates or other proof of authenticity offered which confirm the origins of the hoodia in Hoodia 500. Just about every hoodia product out there claims that their hoodia is the real deal, so it is difficult to determine which ones really do contain the effective appetite suppressing form of the plant. In addition, the amount of hoodia contained in Hoodia 500 is 500 mg per capsule, which is about in the middle of the spectrum as far as hoodia content goes. Without proper dosage instructions, it’s very difficult to determine how much of the hoodia you would be taking every day. In turn, that makes it hard to tell how much the product will really cost. All in all, this product doesn’t stand out from all the other hoodia products on the market. There is no clinical research cited regarding the effectiveness of Hoodia 500, and the company doesn’t back up the claims made about the product being an effective appetite suppressant by offering some type of money-back guarantee. One bottle of Hoodia sells for $27.99, and it is available on the official California Health website.

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    How can i get pure hoodia? I’m from Malaysia.