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Hoodia Juice is an all natural supplement designed to suppress the appetite by stimulating nerve cells in the brain to tell you you’re full. Hoodia Juice, marketed by Dream Life Products, contains hoodia, which has been used to stave off hunger by the Bushmen in South Africa for thousands of years. Hoodia has a molecule called P57 that is supposed to mimic the effect glucose has on the brain’s nerve cells, making the brain think the body is full. Hoodia Juice contains a liquid form of hoodia that should be dropped underneath the tongue, and it can be used with other weight loss supplements. There are no known side effects of hoodia.


Hoodia Juice contains 100% pure hoodia gordonii extract.

Product Features

Hoodia Juice comes in a bottle with a dropper, and the recommended dosage is 1 full dropper underneath the tongue one hour before each meal, 3 times per day. It is said that optimum effects occur after taking Hoodia Juice for 7 days. The bottle needs to be refrigerated after it is opened, and must be used within 1 month of opening.

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  • Dream Life Products offers a 100%, lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • Hoodia Juice contains 100% hoodia gordonii.


  • The website contains no information on how much Hoodia Juice is in a bottle, so it’s difficult to judge the monthly dosage.
  • There is no medical, scientific data to support the claim that hoodia actually is an effective aid to weight loss.
  • There are no certifications available for the hoodia contained in Hoodia Juice, so the quality of the ingredient is suspicious.


Hoodia Juice is an alternative product for those seeking to try hoodia, but prefer not to take it in a pill form. The incomplete website does not contain enough information about dosage, and there are no links for FAQ’s and customer feedback. There is no information available regarding the manufacturer of Hoodia Juice or detailed information about the source of its hoodia. One bottle of Hoodia Juice is $15.99, and the price seems very low compared to other hoodia products. However, it is really hard to be certain about the savings because the website does not disclose how much Hoodia Juice is in 1 bottle. If you order more than $60.00 worth of Hoodia Juice, shipping is free. There are no recommendations from Hoodia Juice regarding proper diet and exercise, both of which are generally advised when on any weight loss program. It appears that Hoodia Juice is another weight loss product offering promises of rapid weight loss with little personal effort, but perhaps the 100% money-back, lifetime guarantee will encourage some dieters to give it a try.

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