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There are many appetite suppressants available to potentially help with weight reduction. After all, if you can effectively reduce your appetite, you will probably eat less food. Fewer calories means weight loss. At least this is the goal. Well, one product that aims to help with this is Hoodia Maxx. It is one of countless Hoodia-based supplements on the market today, and it is available online for around $60 per bottle. However, there is a $1 trial available, which enrolls you in an auto-shipment program. This means you will automatically receive Hoodia Maxx each month, and be charged $60 each month.


  • Pure Hoodia Gordonii Extract 1,000mg

Product Features

Hoodia Maxx is basically claimed to dramatically reduce your appetite and cravings. It can be taken once or more each day, and the purpose of this supplement is to help you eat less. It does not actively boost the metabolism or heighten energy levels. Unfortunately we did not see any clinical trial research regarding Hoodia Maxx, and no customer testimonials were found either. It appears that the official website for this diet pill is no longer available.

Only one ingredient is found in Hoodia Maxx, and it is Hoodia Gordonii Extract. Each serving provides 1,000 milligrams. This is a natural cactus plant extract that comes from the South African desert. It contains P57, which helps suppress hunger by sending a signal to the brain. However, the results vary from person to person. There are plenty of other appetite suppressants out there that also contain Hoodia Gordonii, and some contain other weight loss ingredients as well. We did not find a 100% money-back guarantee with Hoodia Maxx.

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  • This dietary supplement may help suppress hunger.
  • Hoodia Maxx is available for only one dollar for the first month.
  • The ingredient used in this supplement should not cause side effects.


  • There are dozens of other Hoodia products out there.
  • Hoodia Gordonii does not work well for everyone.
  • The official website for this diet pill is no longer available.
  • This company enrolls customers in an auto-shipment program, which charges monthly.
  • No return policy was found for Hoodia Maxx capsules.


There are plenty of mixed reviews regarding Hoodia Gordonii Extract. While some people appreciate this natural ingredient for suppressing hunger, others say it does nothing at all. In regards to Hoodia Maxx capsules, there is no major reason to choose this supplement for weight loss. Sure, it contains some Hoodia, but that is it. This supplement does not contain any other key ingredients to aid with weight reduction, and there is no return policy available. The official website does not even work any longer.

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