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Hoodia Mint is a dietary supplement containing hoodia plus xylitol, which is said to provide a pleasant, minty taste. Each Hoodia Mint tablet contains 1000 mg of hoodia, which is a popular natural appetite suppressant first used by the Bushmen of Kalahari. It is said to fool the brain into thinking the body isn’t hungry by mimicking the effects of glucose on the brain. This can result in fewer calories being ingested daily, and ultimately weight loss. The makers of Hoodia Mint guarantee that the hoodia in Hoodia Mint is 100% pure, not inferior hoodia as is found in many hoodia products. The xylitol that is contained in Hoodia Mint is a common sweetener that adds a minty taste to the tablets,


The ingredients in Hoodia Mint are hoodia (although the label does not specify hoodia gordonii, which is the kind of hoodia that is thought to contain appetite suppressing qualities), xylitol, peppermint and vanilla flavoring, cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and chlorophyll.

Product Features

Hoodia Mint comes in a tablet form that can be chewed, sucked or swallowed. The recommended dosage is 3 tablets per day, and one package of Hoodia Mints contains 21 tablets. That’s a 1 week supply, and it usually costs about $24.00. If more packages are purchased at one time, then the cost is less. Hoodia Mint offers dieters another hoodia alternative because of its chewable form and pleasant taste. The minty taste is also supposed to combat “dieters breath”, which sometimes occurs when fewer calories are consumed and bacteria accumulates in the mouth. These mints purportedly are just as effective as appetite suppressants as other hoodia products, although the overall effectiveness of hoodia as a weight loss pill have not been medically proven.

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  • Hoodia Mints provide a source of hoodia for those who are unable or prefer not to swallow capsules.
  • This product doesn’t contain stimulants.


  • The hoodia in Hoodia Mints isn’t specifically identified as hoodia gordonii, which is the variety of hoodia that is said to be an effective appetite suppressant.
  • This product is relatively expensive compared to other hoodia products.
  • Hoodia has been subject to few clinical trials, despite it’s current popularity.


Hoodia Mints can be purchased either directly from the official website, or from several online retailers. The chewable, minty tablets and high hoodia content make Hoodia Mints attractive to those interested in trying this type of product, but the high price may be restrictive. The official website does not contain specific information regarding the effectiveness of the hoodia contained in Hoodia Mints, and there are no testimonials or FAQ’s available. As with most hoodia products, there are no known side effects, although a physician should be consulted and a healthy diet and exercise program should be incorporated into any weight loss plan for optimum results.

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