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Hoodia Shot is an energy and weight loss drink based on hoodia and caffeine. Hoodia is a desert plant that has recently been commercially cultivated and its active ingredient isolated. Hoodia has received significant media attention in the past few years due to its potential to send satiety signals to the brain causing people to feel fuller sooner and eat less. However, although hoodia has been the darling of the diet product world with new hoodia products popping up like weeds, there still has not been a single credible clinical trial that supports the plant’s effectiveness at assisting in weight loss.

Hoodia Shot claims to provide instant energy as well as appetite suppression. This would come from the caffeine, which can make some people jittery, unable to concentrate, and unable to sleep. Hoodia Shot can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. It is an expensive weight loss product costing between $1.66 and $4 per serving depending on the quantity purchased. At two servings per day, that makes Hoodia Shot $100 to $240 per month which is out of the budgets of many consumers. Although the website claims that Hoodia Shot is guaranteed to work, there is no information provided about the guarantee.

List of Ingredients

No full ingredient list is provided. Listed ingredients are hoodia gordonii and caffeine.

Product Features

Hoodia Shot claims to contain hoodia gordonii but does not provide any evidence that this has been tested by third party certification labs. It is estimated that over half of the “hoodia” products on the market today contain no hoodia and many companies are submitting their products to labs for certification to prove that they do indeed contain the active ingredient. Hoodia Shot does not provide information on certification.

The Hoodia Shot website does not reveal the amount of either the hoodia or the caffeine included in their formulation. This makes it difficult for consumers to assess the product’s potential effectiveness. Those who are sensitive to caffeine or who have serious food allergies should discuss this product with their doctor before trying.

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  • Hoodia Shot can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Discounts are offered for larger quantity purchases of Hoodia Shot.


  • No money-back guarantee is offered on Hoodia Shot at this time.
  • No full ingredient list is provided by Hoodia Shot.
  • No third party certification of hoodia content is provided.
  • No customer testimonials are available online regarding the effectiveness of Hoodia Shot.


Hoodia remains a media darling but until there is scientific proof that the isolated ingredient in hoodia is effective in a weight management program, we recommend that consumers seek out products with proven ingredients sold by companies that back their products with money-back guarantees. Hoodia Shot is an expensive form of hoodia, keeping in mind that if the product doesn’t work for you, you may not be able to get your money back.

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