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Hoodia Slim is a product of Paradise Herbs, although we were unable to find this particular product listed on the company website. It is available through a small number of online retailers, leading us to wonder if the company discontinued the product because it did not sell well. However, since the product is still available for sale through a small number of online stores, we will take a closer look at the claims and formula to see if Hoodia Slim can deliver on its promises. This product claims to assist dieters in reaching weight loss goals without harmful ingredients like ephedra and caffeine. While we appreciate the fact that this product is ephedra free, we do believe that the thermogenic properties of safe stimulants should be included in weight loss supplements to increase the effectiveness of the product.


According to some online retailers that offer Hoodia Slim, the ingredients include Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea, Gotu Kola and Spirulina.

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We are pleased to see green tea listed on the ingredient list, since this substance is a proven thermogenic that can also suppress the appetite. However, green tea does contain caffeine, which means earlier claims that the product is caffeine free should be evaluated further. This discrepancy doesn’t do much to inspire our confidence in Hoodia Slim, since we expect manufacturers and online retailers to offer accurate information about the products they sell. Some websites do state that the hoodia used in Hoodia Slim is authentic and pure, but there are few details available in regards to the certification of the product. We recommend that consumers who are interested in a hoodia based product always look for a certification of the ingredient to ensure the hoodia they are paying for is indeed the most effective appetite suppressant possible.

Because the company website does not appear to offer the Hoodia Slim for sale, we were unable to find a money back guarantee or free trial offer for the product. We did find discounted prices from some online retailers, with a monthly supply going for as low as $16.24 at the time of this review. While the low price may seem like a bargain at first glance, it may also indicate that the product has not sold well and retailers are trying to sell off their supply.

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  • The product claims to use certified hoodia.
  • A proven fat burner is included in the formula.


  • Hoodia Slim is not available for sale from many sources at this time.
  • The discounted price may indicate the product has not sold well.
  • We could not find any free trial offers or a money back guarantee.


New weight loss supplements come onto the market all the time. Some will be effective enough to enjoy a longer shelf life while others will come and go rather quickly. Hoodia Slim is a product that is only available from a few sources and for a discounted price, leading us to wonder if the product is on its way out. We believe there are current, more potent weight loss formulas available.

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    how many tablets should be taken per day and for how long in order to lose ten kilos?