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Hoodia Superthin is a dietary supplement that comes in capsule form. The official website calls this product the “perfect blend of nature and science.” Hoodia Superthin is claimed to assist women and men with appetite suppression, physical stamina, mood improvement and overall weight loss. Unlike many diet products, Hoodia Superthin does not contain caffeine or Ephedra. The website for this Hoodia product does not provide customer testimonials. Although it appears that Hoodia Superthin can be purchased directly through the website, the additional links fail to work at this time.

The main active ingredient found in Hoodia Superthin capsules is all-natural Hoodia Gordonii (a South African cactus plant extract). This key component is stated to suppress the user’s hunger and reduce his/her interest in food. Hoodia contains the active molecule known as P57, which sends a signal to the user’s brain letting it know that the stomach is full. Hoodia Superthin is claimed to take effect in as little as 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, this supplement is not supposed to have any known side effects. However, there doesn’t appear to be a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website for Hoodia Superthin. No free trial samples of Hoodia Superthin supplements are currently available.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Hoodia Superthin is one of countless different Hoodia-based weight loss drugs. This product is available without a doctor’s prescription and aims to assist users by boosting energy levels, suppressing appetite, improving mood and reducing calorie intake. There is a clinical study offered on the official website that refers to Hoodia Gordonii in general, which is the primary active ingredient offered in Hoodia Superthin capsules. No specific diet plan or fitness program are recommended on the official website. The actual cost of Hoodia Superthin is not revealed (the “order now” link doesn’t currently work.)

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  • The main active ingredient incorporated into Hoodia Superthin supplements is not supposed to have any known side effects.
  • Hoodia Superthin is conveniently available on the web.
  • This diet product is available without a prescription.
  • A clinical study is offered on the official website regarding Hoodia Gordonii.


  • There is no money-back guarantee offered with Hoodia Superthin.
  • Customer testimonials are not provided to help support the effectiveness of Hoodia Superthin capsules.
  • A full list of ingredients is not presented on the website for Hoodia Superthin.
  • Unfortunately no free trial samples of this diet drug are offered.
  • The official product website for Hoodia Superthin is currently not very functional.
  • When taking appetite suppressants, it’s important to make sure that you still get proper nutrition.


Similar to many other weight reduction products, Hoodia Superthin is claimed to suppress the user’s appetite, which leads to fewer calories consumed daily. While the idea of this may sound attractive to some dieters, it’s also important to notice that the official website for this diet product is not fully functional, nor are their any customer testimonials, free trial samples or a money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered. It’s definitely a wise idea to consult a doctor before taking Hoodia Superthin and see what their professional opinion is.

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3 User Reviews about Hoodia Superthin

  • 1

    waste of money.it didn’t work me at all.no effect on my appetite at all.


  • 2
    Mary Barnes

    Does Hoodia Superthin have the ingrediants of the real Hoodia? I have read it is fake. Also I have read that it messes with your kidneys.



    I have purchased a bottle of the Hoodia SuperThin and I think I will return it unopened, I don’t know if anything in a pill form is 100% safe for me, High B.P. is a concern with these pills because of the Caffeen. Thx.