Hoodia Supplement Reviews

If you’ve been on a weight loss journey for any length of time, then you have surely heard of some type of Hoodia supplement. Hoodia, known also as Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant native to the South African bush of the Kalahari Desert. Hoodia is generally offered in either tablet or capsule form, and averages around $35-40 for a one month’s supply.

So what are the benefits of Hoodia, either implied or by scientific fact? Well, there doesn’t yet seem to be a lot of scientific data to back up the claims of this indigenous plant, but there has been plenty of media attention as well as word-of-mouth advertising. So what are users saying? Experts familiar with the supplement claim that Hoodia tricks your brain into thinking that you’re full—thereby eating less.

Some claim that Hoodia does seem to have some type of appetite suppressing mechanism in some of its ‘naturally occurring chemicals.’ Hoodia many times is used in conjunction with other popular weight loss supplements, such as green tea extract, citrus aurantium, and chromium- so it is difficult to ascertain exactly how much power any one of these supplements have on their own to help one see actual weight loss benefits.

The actual credit for weight loss in Hoodia is given to a molecule in the Hoodia extract called P57, that seems to trigger the hypothalamus gland—which controls appetite in the brain. There are other indications, though, that Hoodia may have some adverse effects on the liver—so do your own research when considering trying products with the Hoodia Supplement in them.

Best Hoodia Supplement Reviews