Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels Review

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Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are essentially weight loss supplements suited for men and women who desire to drop excess body fat. Although most diet drugs tend to come in the form of a capsule, this product is offered in a gel-cap form, which is ideally supposed to dissolve in the user’s stomach more quickly. As with most Hoodia-based diet pills, Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels aim to suppress appetite and encourage the user to consume fewer calories. The official website for this supplement is not currently available, but Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are sold online for a retail cost of $39.49.

Since no official website for Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels exists at this time, there are no customer testimonials offered. The major notable ingredient found in Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels is Hoodia Gordonii (a cactus plant extract from South Africa), which is claimed to dramatically reduce hunger cravings and boost energy levels. P57 is a molecule offered in Hoodia Gordonii. It is stated to send signals to the hypothalamus, letting it know that the user is full. It’s difficult to determine whether or not Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels come with a 100% money-back guarantee. While Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are available without a prescription, they aren’t suitable for women who are pregnant. This diet drug is supposed to be free of all stimulants.< ?p>

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are gel-caps that aim to help users reduce their body weight. These supplements contain the “all-natural” active component known as Hoodia Gordonii, which is stated to significantly reduce appetite. Unfortunately, there is no clinical research offered on an official website to help support the claims made about Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels. An actual exercise routine and healthy diet are not addressed for this diet product. There are no free trial samples of Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels currently offered. This supplement sells for $39.49 and is directed to be taken daily.

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  • Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels can be conveniently acquired online.
  • This diet drug is available without a physician’s prescription.
  • There aren’t any stimulants found in Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels.
  • Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are supposed to work more quickly than typical diet supplements that come in capsule form.


  • There is no functional official website for Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels.
  • Women who are pregnant should not take Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels for weight reduction.
  • There is no money-back guarantee offered with this product.
  • A full list of ingredients is not available for Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels (one should always be for allergy reasons).
  • A healthy diet plan is not addressed with this weight loss drug.
  • Free trial samples of Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are not available.


As with most Hoodia products, Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels are claimed to suppress the user’s appetite and aid with overall weight loss. However, the fact that there’s no official website provided to market Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels makes it difficult to determine if the diet product is very reputable. Naturally it would be helpful to see some customer testimonials, a full list of ingredients, a satisfaction guarantee and some clinical evidence to support Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels.

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6 User Reviews about Hoodia Sure Rapid-Gels

  • 1

    I used Hoodia Sure Rapid Gels a couple years ago and lost quite a bit of weight. I was wondering where I can get them now? I have been searching for them everywhere and can’t find them in stores, any ideas??


  • 2
    Nancy Finn

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get a free sample of your Hoodia so that I could try it out be for I buy it thanks Nancy


  • 3

    has any one have luck with this pill. i got mind at the dollar tree and i got me 5 boxes 2 and a 1/2 took 45 pounds off stop smoking and now working on other 45 pound good luck to all


  • 4

    Can one use gel on breasts to reduce size?


  • 5
    pauline hobbs

    I lost my instructions and forget how to take and when. Could you please write and let me know how to take your product? I threw away the box and the blister pack doesn’t have instructions on it.I would greatly appreciate it.
    Pauline Hobbs



    Box instructions: 2 softgel capsules with 8 oz glass of water 2 times daily before lunch and dinner. Do not exceed 2 caps in 24 hour period. For best results use with sensible diet and exercise. Do not snack after dinner. Consume 8 ten oz glasses of water per day.