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When the benefits of hoodia became known just a few short years ago, a plethora of products began popping up all over the weight loss market with grand promises of weight loss just by taking this ingredient. Hoodia Sure Rapid Gels appear on the surface to be just more of the same, but we will look at the product in more detail to see if it can deliver on any of its promises.

Hoodia Sure claims to help you lose up to 34 pounds fast. Online retailers selling this product also state that Hoodia Sure is stronger, faster and more effective than other hoodia products currently on the market.


The ingredients for Hoodia Sure, as listed by some online retailers, include hoodia gordonii and Cissus quandrangularis. Most of the information we found on Cissus suggests that its primary purpose is to assist in the healing of fractures. While some research referred to its ability to contribute to weight loss, the claims do not appear to be well researched or documented at this time.

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Hoodia is a popular appetite suppressant that is used in numerous weight loss supplements, ever since it was discovered that natives of the region where hoodia grows wild would eat the plant to ward off hunger on long hunting expeditions. However, not all hoodia based products are created equal, and not every formula even contains the authentic hoodia from the regions of Africa where it grows. While Hoodia Sure claims that its hoodia is authentic and pure, it is difficult to know for sure without independent clinical research that has been done on the formula. We were unable to find any such studies to back the claims of the product. We are also unconvinced that the amount of hoodia in Hoodia Sure will be sufficient to suppress the appetite for weight loss results.

There does not appear to be a working website for Hoodia Sure any longer. This is a red flag to us, because it may mean that the product has not sold particularly well. You can still find Hoodia Sure through online retailers, but a money back guarantee is generally not available. The price is fairly reasonable, with Hoodia Sure selling from $25-$30 at the time of this review.

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  • The product claims to contain authentic, pure hoodia.
  • Hoodia Sure is sold by a number of online retailers for a reasonable price.


  • The product website is no longer up and running.
  • The product does not contain a proven fat burner.
  • There is no money back guarantee that we could find for the product.


There are many hoodia based weight loss supplements on the market today, and not all can live up to their promises. We are concerned that Hoodia Sure no longer seems to include a product website offering the formula for sale. In addition, the ingredients in this product do not appear to pack a powerful enough punch to offer real weight loss results. We believe there are more effective formulas that will offer dieters a greater value for their weight loss dollar.

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