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Hoodia XL Plus manufactured by Ultra Herbal, is a diet supplement claiming to contain Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant which grows in the South African desert. Products like Hoodia XL Plus promise safe weight loss by suppressing the appetite. Hoodia XL Plus claims to be the fastest and most effective of all the Hoodia supplements on the market. The problem with manufacturers which claim to possess Hoodia Gordonii is that due to high demand, the succulent has been regulated by the South African government. Sales of the plant are restricted only to those who possess a special permit to export the plant. This would likely mean that most of the diet supplements on the market which promise to contain the ingredient are bogus. One thing that we all can agree on is that the majority of products which boast the name Hoodia generally promote quick weight loss and do little to nothing to promote a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle. As of this writing, no official website for Hoodia XL Plus could be found. All information contained in this review is from third party websites which sell or promote the product.

List of Ingredients

The full list of ingredients is unknown however according to a third party website which sells the formula, the list of ingredients are

Magnesium, Hoodia, Garcina, Green tea, Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Blend, Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Invertase, Lactase, Maltase, Papin and Bromelain.

Product Features

Hoodia XL Plus is said to contain a blend of Hoodia Gordonii and Garcinia Cambogia. Hoodia Gordonii, also called Xhoba, is a succulent like plant which resembles a cactus and primarily grows in the deserts of South Africa. Hoodia XL Plus’s manufacturers claim that a molecule called P57 found in Hoodia Gordonii affects the nerve cells in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain which regulates the sensation of hunger. P57 supposedly is able to pose as glucose, by regulating blood sugar levels, which in turn convinces the brain that it is no longer hungry thus resulting in weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit which is said to contain a compound which is able to inhibit the conversion of calories to fat and lower cholesterol.

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  • Hoodia XL Plus contains Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia which have been known to produce some positive results in weight loss management.


  • The South African government has restricted the export of Hoodia only to those who possess a permit.
  • The majority of the diet supplements on the market promising to contain Hoodia are bogus.
  • Hoodia XL Plus does not promote a healthy lifestyle.


Hoodia Gordonii is the most talked about weight loss ingredient in recent years. This may came as a great shock to some given the fact that there are no published studies which prove its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant. Sure the bushman of South Africa have been using it for years to stave off hunger while hunting but there are no studies done on the long term ill effects of consuming the product. There is an ancient proverb that says “just because a thing is lawful doesn’t mean that it is advantageous”. Unfortunately Hoodia XL Plus falls into that category.

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