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Hoodia XR claims to be the top selling hoodia weight loss supplement on the market today, according to some websites touting its praises. The difference in this supplement appears to be in the amount of hoodia included in the formula and the fact that it comes in a time release that offers appetite suppression for a longer period of time. The product is offered for sale on the product website and discounts are available for multiple purchases at the time of this review.

We are pleased to see that the Hoodia XR website provides some valuable information for the consumer, like a complete ingredient list and plenty of facts about hoodia in general. However, we would have liked to see some clinical evidence supporting the time release feature of this product, since it is not common to find hoodia in this form. We also appreciate that the company took time to post numerous customer testimonials on their website, and that many of them specifically mention Hoodia XR by name.


According to the Hoodia XR website, the only active ingredient in this formula is hoodia gordonii.

Product Features

The amount of hoodia in the formula is 1000 mg in time release tablets. We do find it interesting that despite the time release claims, this product does need to be taken three times a day for best results. The recommendation is to take one tablet approximately 30 minutes before a meal. Since this is a common dosing amount for hoodia products, we wonder where the time release factor comes into play. However, we are happy to see that the amount of hoodia that is consumed each day is sufficient to produce some appetite suppression that can aid in weight loss.

The company does provide a 30 day money back guarantee on initial purchases of Hoodia XR. The product currently sells for $49.95 with discounts of up to 26% for multiple purchases. It does not appear that there is a free trial offer for this product, although the money back guarantee does allow consumers to try out the product virtually risk free.

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  • The product has sufficient hoodia amounts for effective appetite suppression.
  • There are discounts for multiple purchases.


  • The product must be taken three times a day, despite the time release formula.
  • Hoodia XR is expensive.
  • There does not appear to be a free trial offer at this time.


For those looking specifically at appetite suppression in meeting their weight loss goals, this hoodia product may be the ticket. However, most dieters find that the most effective supplement will combine appetite suppression with a proven fat burner for best results. Hoodia XR does not appear to offer this twofold benefit, so consumers may want to look elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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