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Hoodia XT is a diet supplement that’s stated to be “all natural.” This product comes in the form of a capsule and is manufactured by Tarmo Labs, LLC. Hoodia XT aims to suppress the user’s appetite, while assisting with weight reduction. There are customer testimonials provided on the official website to support the Hoodia XT supplement. Unlike some other weight loss products, Hoodia XT is not directed to be taken in conjunction with a regular fitness regimen and healthy diet plan. A single bottle of Hoodia XT sells for $39.95 via the official website.

The primary active ingredient found in Hoodia XT supplements is “100% pure” Hoodia Gordonii. This ingredient comes from South African cactus plants and contains the active component known as P57, which has been shown to tell the brain that the stomach is full). Essentially Hoodia Gordonii is added to suppress the user’s appetite, which is supposed to lead to fewer calories consumed. There is no 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee posted on the official Hoodia XT website. While this dietary supplement appears to be marketed more toward women, it’s likely suitable for men as well. Unfortunately, there are no free trial samples of Hoodia XT available via the official website at this time.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Hoodia XT is basically a weight loss pill that endeavors to curb the user’s appetite and help with overall weight loss. This supplement is available to men and women who desire assistance with fat reduction. Hoodia XT contains the active component Hoodia Gordonii, a popular cactus plant extract that suppresses the user’s appetite and curbs cravings. This dietary product is directed to be taken daily with water and sells via the official website for $39.95. There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical data presented on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of Hoodia XT capsules. This product is stated to be Ephedra-free.

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  • Hoodia XT supplements can be purchased easily and conveniently through the official website.
  • There are customer testimonials posted on the website for Hoodia XT.
  • Hoodia XT is stated to be free of Ephedra.


  • A full product ingredient list is not given on the official website.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with Hoodia XT supplements.
  • Some ingredients found in Hoodia XT capsules may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • There isn’t any clinical data that we could find presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Hoodia XT.
  • There are no free trial samples of Hoodia XT available through the website at this time.
  • The science community is currently split regarding appetite inhibitors and correct nutrition.


On the bright side, Hoodia XT aims to suppress the user’s appetite. However, many other modern diet products encourage exercise and healthy eating habits with the taking of their supplements. It would be reassuring to see some actual clinical evidence offered on the official Hoodia XT website, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a full product ingredient list and some free trial samples of Hoodia XT capsules. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking a supplement like Hoodia XT.

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