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What You Should Know

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Hoodia911.com is a website designed to provide general information about the popular appetite suppressant hoodia gordonii, and to market their hoodia product called Superior Hoodia. The website is kink of weird because at first it seems like just an informational website. But then you notice the links and references to the product, Superior Hoodia. Superior Hoodia is said to contain authentic hoodia gordonii, and the large capsules contain 800 mg each. Hoodia911 makes a point of reminding the customer that there are many fraudulent and inferior hoodia products available on the market, and has a section of the website that compares other hoodia products with Superior Hoodia. Not surprisingly, Superior Hoodia appears as the most desirable product.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia gordonii, 800mg per capsule. There are no other ingredients listed.

Product Features

Hoodia911.com states that Superior Hoodia contains more hoodia per capsule, and more capsules per bottle than other hoodia products. The hoodia contained in Superior Hoodia is said to be genuine hoodia from the Southern Cape of West Africa, and therefore containing the effective appetite suppressing qualities only authentic hoodia can deliver. There is a lot of hoodia information on this website, with descriptions of the harvesting and processing procedures, and information about how hoodia gordonii works. There is a special offered on the website, you can buy 6 bottles of Superior Hoodia for the cost of 4 bottles. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which consists of a credit with them for any of their other products, if not completely satisfied with Superior Hoodia. Keep in mind that the credit is only given for unopened bottles of the product.

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  • Customer service seems to be a clear goal of Hoodia911.com.


  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • Website is can be difficult to navigate, and has lots of distracting elements to it.


Hoodia911 offers a hoodia containing product that appears to be authentic, and they offer a lot of customer support for the consumer. Hoodia gordonii itself is thought to be a powerful appetite suppressant, with no known negative side effects. Taken in conjunction with a healthy low fat diet and cardiovascular exercise, hoodia seems to accelerate weight loss. Hoodia911.com offers an abundance of information about hoodia, which is informative if not a little overwhelming. There are many links to articles about hoodia, and details about Superior Hoodia and its cost including shipping. The money-back guarantee demonstrates an effort by the company to prove the product’s effectiveness. The company also goes a long way to ensure that the customer’s privacy is protected, and the billing is all up-front. Superior Hoodia does not contain any fat burning ingredients, which might have made it an overall better diet pill. However, the lack of fat burning ingredients indicates that the product doesn’t contain stimulants and the negative side effects that go with them.

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