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Hoodiaburst gum by Centralcoast Neutraceuticals is a nutritional supplement that is said to have all the power of hoodia in the convenience of a gum. Hoodiaburst gum can be used to help curb cravings between meals, to assist dieters in their weight loss efforts. Hoodiaburst gum contains hoodia, which is thought by many to have effective appetite suppressing qualities. The gum is sugarless, and has zero calories.

List of Ingredients

Hoodiaburst contains 220 mg of hoodia, but the other ingredients in the gum aren’t listed on the package.

Product Features

Hoodiaburst is a minty tasting sugar free gum that contains the appetite suppressing ingredient hoodia. The recommended dosage is 2 pieces when you feel hungry, so you’d be ingesting 240 mg of hoodia each time you chewed. The hoodia gordonii variety of the hoodia plant is said to contain a chemical that causes the same reaction in the brain as glucose. The brain is tricked into thinking the body’s hunger has been satisfied, which can result in a reduced appetite. There are no limits listed as to the number of pieces of Hoodiaburst that can be chewed in one day, but there is a warning that the product should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. The makers of Hoodiaburst recommend using the gum in conjunction with exercise, good nutrition and plenty of water.

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  • The gum is a convenient way for those not interested or unable to swallow pills to try a hoodia product.


  • If taken as directed (two pieces whenever you feel hungry), Hoodiaburst could become a very expensive supplement.
  • No official Hoodiaburst website available and no evidence found to support the claims that Hoodiaburst contains the stated amount of hoodia gordonii.
  • Many internet complaints regarding Centralcoast Neutraceuticals, the company that markets Hoodiaburst.


The idea of a gum form of hoodia is a great one, especially for those who prefer not to take pills and capsules. Hoodiaburst just may not be the hoodia gum to try, as it is expensive (around $9.95 per 22-piece pack), and there isn’t enough information available regarding the hoodia it contains. There are many fraudulent hoodia products on the market, so many companies have offered certifications and proof of origin for their hoodia products. There are no such assurances offered regarding Hoodiaburst. Centralcoast Neutraceuticals appears to have questionable customer service practices, as evidenced by the number of complaints available from former customers on consumer websites. The amount of hoodia said to be contained in Hoodiaburst is right about in the middle of the products out there, but that depends on how many pieces of the gum are chewed per day. If a gum form of hoodia is what you’re looking for, the Hoodiaburst could be an option, but should be very cautiously considered.

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