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On the surface, HoodiaCut pretty much resembles many other hoodia based diet supplements that are on the market today. It promises to help users lose weight by suppressing the appetite, which hoodia gordonii has been proven to do. The question is in whether this particular formula offers anything more than the dozens of other hoodia supplements might. On first glance, we would have to say, probably not.

The HoodiaCut website is a single page without a working link to the terms and conditions of purchase. The website lists ingredients that are included in the formula, but there is no way of knowing if this is a complete list. We would caution consumers against purchasing any weight loss supplement that does not provide a complete ingredient list, since it is impossible to assess a product’s safety and effectiveness without this information. We are also disappointed to see that the HoodiaCut website provides no clinical research or customer testimonials. We don’t even know if the hoodia used in the product is authentic.


According to the product website, HoodiaCut contains hoodia gordonii, green tea extract, vitamin B12, bitter orange and chromium picolinate.

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While many of these substances are effective weight loss ingredients commonly found in diet supplements, we don’t know the quantity of the ingredients used so we cannot ascertain how effective the supplement will be. There is also no mention of whether the hoodia that is used is certified authentic and from the South African desert region where hoodia gordonii grows. This doesn’t do much to inspire our confidence in how well HoodiaCut will work, despite some effective ingredients that are mentioned.

A single month supply of HoodiaCut costs nearly $70 at the time of this review. We find this to be a rather high price on a diet supplement that provides little information about the formula contained within. There also appears to be a free ten day trial if customers enroll in the auto ship program. However, without terms and conditions of the membership readily available, we would strongly discourage consumers from signing onto any sort of auto ship program.

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  • HoodiaCut contains some proven weight loss ingredients.
  • The product offers ingredients for appetite suppression and increased metabolism.


  • There is little information provided on the product website.
  • The product is expensive.
  • We could not find a money back guarantee.
  • There is no reference to certification of the hoodia contained in the formula.
  • The auto ship program doesn’t offer any terms and conditions.


We like some of the ingredients in the HoodiaCut, and believe they are quite effective in other supplements. However, with the limited amount of information available on this product, we believe consumers are better off looking to other companies with similar formulations for their weight loss needs.

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