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HoodiaMax is a product from Supplement Spot, a company that claims to provide cutting edge health products including weight loss supplements. HoodiaMax is marketed as an appetite suppressant, which makes sense considering that hoodia is one of the most touted ingredients for this purpose on the market today. However, there are some concerns over products that contain this ingredient, which will become clear as one understands what hoodia is and where it comes from.

Hoodia gordonii is a cactus like plant that grows in some desert regions of Africa. The natives in this area have used hoodia as an appetite suppressant for centuries, nibbling on hoodia during long hunting expeditions to ward off hunger and maintain energy levels. When the benefits of this substance were recognized in the United States and abroad, products containing hoodia began cropping up all over the diet market. However, because this plant is extremely fickle and will only grow in certain climates and soil conditions, the supply of hoodia was not large enough to meet the demand. Scientists tried to extract the active ingredient in hoodia, P57, and create a synthetic version, but it has not proven as effective. However, this doesn’t stop many supplement companies from marketing “hoodia” products that do not actually contain pure hoodia in any way. Therefore, we would caution dieters against products that claim to contain hoodia, since they may be disappointed with the results.


According to one online retailer that sells HoodiaMax, the ingredients include hoodia gordonii succulent, vegetable capsule, stabilized rice bran and magnesium stearate.

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Supposedly the company only purchases their hoodia from licensed South African Western Cape Conservation Suppliers, which would indicate that the substance is authentic and pure. However, it is very difficult for consumers to know for sure without sending their own formula to an independent lab for analysis, giving the manufacturers of these hoodia products the distinct advantage. We also believe that an appetite suppressant of any kind is much more effective when it is combined with a proven fat burner. There does not appear to be any such ingredient in the HoodiaMax formula.

The current price for HoodiaMax is about $40 for 120 capsules at the time of this review. It is unclear whether that amount consists of a one or two month supply. It also appears that some online retailers are offering the product for a discounted price, leading us to wonder if the product has not sold well overall.

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  • HoodiaMax claims to contain authentic hoodia.
  • The product can be found for a discounted price.


  • We were unable to find a money back guarantee on the product.
  • The discounted prices may indicate the product has not sold well.
  • The formula does not include a proven fat burner.


While we like a diet supplement that includes an appetite suppressant, we believe that other ingredients can serve this purpose without consumers worrying about whether the substance is authentic or pure. We also like to see weight loss supplements that include a proven fat burner in addition to the appetite suppression for maximum benefit. We are not convinced that HoodiaMax would provide the most potent form of weight loss support available today.

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