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HoodiaPhen is an appetite suppressant and fat burner available for purchase on the internet, and is said to combine the power of hoodia and Phenterthin. The product is said to contain pure hoodia gordonii and “all natural Asian herbs.” However, there is little to no information available on the HoodiaPhen product itself, and the official website doesn’t provide any information, either. The marketers of HoodiaPhen say the product is so effective and popular, that they can only sell it to people seeking to lose 15 pounds or more. There is not even a list of ingredients available. One other point about HoodiaPhen is that there are a large number of complaints posted on the internet by outraged consumers, claiming they had been scammed by the company.

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HoodiaPhen is supposed to contain both hoodia and Phenterthin. Genuine hoodia gordonii is said to be an effective appetite suppressant that works by tricking the brain into thinking it is full. Phenterthin is said to also be an effective appetite suppressant and an effective fat burner as well. As with HoodiaPhen, there is little other information available on Phenterthin. The ingredients are unknown, and although clinical trials are mentioned on some sites selling Phenterthin, there is no concrete data given to support the claims made about it. As far as HoodiaPhen goes, there is an initial free trial of the product offered, but then the company automatically deducts a hefty amount out of the customer’s bank account. Evidently bank account information is required in order to obtain the free trial of the product. This is what the majority of the consumer complaints are about. There is very little information available regarding the effectiveness of the product itself.

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  • None.


  • With no ingredients list available, the customer has no idea what they are taking.
  • Apparent unauthorized deductions taken from the customer’s bank account after ordering the “free trial”.


HoodiaPhen is a product that consumers should beware. Just the fact that the website does not provide ingredient information, clinical data, or even specific information about the benefits of their product should dissuade the customer from signing up for the trial offer. Add to that the numerous complaints regarding recurring charges of $150.00 or more from customers’ bank accounts, and it becomes clear this product is designed to take advantage of those seeking to lose weight. Also keep in mind the possible health risks involved with taking a pill with unknown ingredients – who knows what the “all natural Asian herbs” are, and how they will affect the body? There are many products available that contain hoodia and/or fat burning ingredients, and they also have informative websites and complete ingredient information readily provided to the customers. It seems that if the makers of HoodiaPhen are interested in marketing a serious product with actual benefits for their customers, then they will need to provide much more complete product information and change their billing procedures.

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