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Hoodiatherm is an “appetite suppressant fat burner” that comes in the form of a caplet. It is manufactured by United Healthcare Labs, a company that was founded 10 years ago, and it sells for $49.95 via the official website. This company claims to develop the “highest quality, natural-based supplements” that work effectively. Hoodiatherm aims to suppress appetite, burn away fat, boost energy levels and improve the user’s overall mood. Furthermore, Hoodiatherm claim that this product not pose a risk for side effects.

Hoodia Gordonii is the main ingredient offered in Hoodiatherm supplements. This component is extracted from cactus plants found in the South African Kalahari desert. Hoodia is all-natural and is supposed to suppress appetite and curb hunger cravings. Like many other diet pills containing Hoodia, Hoodiatherm is stated to offer 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. This active component contains the molecule P-57, which ideally causes the user to eat less by sending signals to his/her brain. Hoodiatherm does come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Hoodiatherm sets itself apart from similar diet pills because it is time-released, which means that it should be effective over a longer period of time. The official website does clearly state that you should consult a licensed physician before trying a weight loss product such as Hoodiatherm caplets.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Hoodiatherm is a diet drug that’s claimed to assist women and men with weight loss. This supplement contains the active component Hoodia Gordonii, which aids user’s with appetite suppression and reduced hunger cravings. Also, Hoodiatherm is stated to burn fat, improve mood and increase energy levels. Although diet and exercise are not addressed by the manufacturer when taking Hoodiatherm caplets, there is some clinical evidence posted on the official website to support Hoodiatherm (a British study performed in 2001). The active ingredient, Hoodia, has been featured on programs like 60 Minutes. There is one testimonial/photo presented on the website for Hoodiatherm.

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  • Hoodiatherm is offered with a 90-day “risk-free” guarantee.
  • The key ingredient in Hoodiatherm, which is Hoodia Gordonii, has been featured on 60 Minutes.
  • Hoodiatherm can be easily and conveniently acquired via the official website.
  • A clinical study is offered on the website.


  • It’s difficult to determine whether or not you will have an allergic reaction to ingredients found in Hoodiatherm caplets.
  • There is only one customer testimonial posted on the official website.
  • Regular exercise and a healthy diet are not endorsed on the website.
  • A full Hoodiatherm ingredient list is absent from the website.
  • The official website states that a physician should be consulted before taking Hoodiatherm.


All in all, Hoodiatherm is pitched via the official website in a similar way to countless other Hoodia diet pills. There are promises made about appetite suppression and reduced hunger cravings. For many people, this is interpreted as less food eaten and eventual weight loss. However, it certainly doesn’t appear that many customer reviews are provided on the website, nor is there a list of ingredients pertaining to Hoodiatherm caplets.

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