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Hoodiatrol is an appetite suppressing supplement marketed by Foundation Nutriceuticals that contains 3 main ingredients. Hoodia gordonii and glucomannon are two natural herbs thought to suppress the appetite, while chromium is said to enhance insulin’s effect on the body, resulting in increased energy and fat burning, and improved muscle building potential. Hoodiatrol is stimulant-free, has no known side effects, and its ingredients are said to be authentic and legally imported into the United States.


Hoodiatrol’s ingredients are Chromium (as chelate), Hoodia Gordonii PWD, Glucomannon, cellulose, gelatin and silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Hoodiatrol contains a relatively high level of hoodia gordonii, although it is not clearly stated whether the hoodia has been certified through C.I.T.E.S. Hoodia gondonii is said to be effective as an appetite suppressant because it contains a molecule called P57 which is supposed to fool the brain into believing the body is full. Glucomannon is an oriental dietary fiber that is said to create a feeling of fullness, therefore being a second appetite suppressant. Some studies have shown that glucomannon also helps reduce cholesterol, relieve constipation and regulates blood sugar level. The third ingredient chromium can have beneficial results in the body like causing better blood circulation, maintaining blood sugar levels, lowering body fat and increasing lean body mass. The recommended dosage of Hoodiatrol is 2 to 3 capsules per day, about 30 minutes prior to eating.

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  • Hoodiatrol contains 1200 mg of hoodia gordonii, which is a relatively high amount.
  • Ingredients are all natural and stimulant-free.


  • Some studies have shown negative side effects related to chromium, including severe skin reactions, and adverse effects on those suffering from depression, bipolar disease and schizophrenia.
  • No official product web site, so that makes the manufacturer Foundation Nutriceuticals and Hoodiatrol a little questionable.


Hoodiatrol is an interesting weight loss supplement, because it contains the popular appetite suppressant hoodia gordonii but it also includes a second appetite suppressant, glucomannon. Glucomannon also provides a source of fiber, which is a positive addition to a weight loss pill. Chromium may have harmful side effects when taken by some people, so caution and supervision by a medical doctor are recommended. The product is more reasonably priced than some others containing hoodia gordonii and it appears that there is a high amount of hoodia in Hoodiatrol, but the origin of the hoodia isn’t clearly certified as being authentic and legitimate. Hoodiatrol is available through many online retailers, but there don’t appear to be testimonials supporting the product, and the lack of an official web site makes it rather difficult to ascertain the product’s effectiveness when it comes to actual weight loss.

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