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Hoodiavex is a weight loss supplement that is primarily available through online auction houses and clearance centers at the time of this review. The product is not marketed through a product or company website, which suggests to us that Hoodiavex may not have done particularly well in the weight loss market. However, because Hoodiavex may still be purchased through other online sellers, we will review the product to see if it provides any unique benefits to the hundreds of other diet supplements on the market today.

Hoodiavex takes a bit different approach to many other hoodia based weight loss supplements. Instead of simply including ingredients for weight loss, this supplement claims to improve your health in other ways by providing an amount of the ten super foods that were featured in an article in Time Magazine. The claims apparently made by the product said that this product would help you lose weight through appetite suppression (provided by the hoodia) and bring you to a better state of health at the same time. Since most experts agree that the best way to get nutrients from food is to eat the food itself rather than take a supplement, we are skeptical. However, we will take a look at the formula to see what it might offer.


The ingredients in Hoodiavex appear to be a proprietary blend of green tea extract, oat fiber, flaxseed oil, spinach, broccoli extract, garlic extract, tomato concentrate, salmon oil powder, blueberry extract, red wine extract and hoodia gordonii.

Product Features

This product doesn’t seem to state whether the hoodia in the formula is certified from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, where the most effective hoodia gordonii is grown. We also don’t know how much of each substance is available in the formula, leading us to wonder if there is enough of any nutrient to have much desired effect.

Because this product is primarily sold on eBay and other online auction websites, there is no money back guarantee or free trial offered.

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  • Hoodiavex can be found for a reasonable price.
  • The product contains hoodia and a host of nutrients.


  • There is nothing in this formula that would suggest it contributes to weight loss.
  • The hoodia does not appear to be certified.
  • The lack of a product website suggests this product has not sold well.


Hoodiavex takes an interesting approach to weight loss by providing a host of nutrients in a single tablet. However, most of the foods listed in this supplement are low fat with few calories, so we believe the benefits of actually eating the foods far outweigh taking a supplement with similar nutrients. We prefer a weight loss supplement with a proven appetite suppressant and thermogenic for best results.

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    Theses pills were great for the skin..if anyone knows where you can get these or a similar product please let me know.