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HoodiaX57claims to aid in weight loss without caffeine or other types of stimulants. It does so by suppressing the appetite so dieters consume less calories and drop pounds as a result. The active ingredient, as suggested by the product name, is hoodia gordonii, a cactus like plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. This plant has been used by natives of the region for centuries to ward off hunger during long hunting expeditions. However, it has just recently been discovered by the rest of the world due to its ability to give dieters the needed edge in meeting their weight loss goals.

The HoodiaX57 website provides more information than many weight loss product websites, but most of the facts included are hoodia basics that can be found from a variety of sources. While we appreciate the fact that this website offers clinical research results for this ingredient, we would like to have more information about this specific formula. This might include clinical research done on this product or customer testimonials that back the claims of the product website.


The only ingredient in HoodiaX57 is 500 mg of hoodia gordonii. There is information on the product website about the certification that comes with the hoodia in this formula. While certification is a good thing in a hoodia supplement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hoodia used is the most effective. The only way to get this information is through independent lab tests done on this particular formula, and we were unable to find any such testing results. We also believe that an appetite suppressant can be much more effective when combined with a thermogenic that can boost the metabolism at the same time. HoodiaX57 does not contain any such ingredient.

Product Features

It appears that the only way to purchase HoodiaX57 is in a package of two or six bottles at a time. A pair of HoodiaX57 bottles cost $24.99 at the time of this review. This price is a bit low for authentic hoodia, which makes us a bit skeptical about whether this formula is as effective as it says.

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  • The product contains pure hoodia.
  • HoodiaX57 is offered at a reasonably low price.


  • The formula does not include a proven thermogenic.
  • The low price may indicate that the hoodia is not as effective as the company claims.
  • There is no refund available on opened containers of HoodiaX57.


Hoodia is a popular weight loss supplement today, which explains why there are so many hoodia-based supplements currently on the market. However, we believe a combination of appetite suppression and a metabolism boost are the best way to drop the extra pounds. There are many supplements that offer this combination for a greater value for your weight loss dollar.

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    sal castillonese

    it suppresses the appatite very well. up to 6 hrs no problem . enjoy ! loose a lot of weight . no questions. thank you .



    Hoodia x57…like it a lot…I have used it off and on over the last three years…about once a year to help shed unwanted pounds from the holidays…it helps me not have hunger pangs for about 3-4 hours straight…so I skip a few snacks a day and skip a heavy dinner (that’s about 200 cal x 3 plus a 400 cal dinner=1000 less calories per day)…in a week, that’s 7000 calories less which equals a steady 2 lb weight loss per week…except I also burn 500 calories each day at the gym by taking a spin cycle class, or doing the stair master for an hour or the eliptical machine, so that an extra 3500 calories which is one pound, and I drink a lot of water…so I can lose 3-5 pounds in one hard working week if I really try…