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What You Should Know

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Hoodiaxr is a time released tablet that contains pure Hoodia Gordonii. The official Hoodiaxr website is pretty clear on the fact that if you want to lose weight, you have to reduce the amount of calories you take in. This is pretty basic knowledge to anyone in the diet industry, but Hoodiaxr claims to be able to suppress your appetite and even get rid of hunger pains. With Hoodiaxr, you are claimed to experience a feeling of being full, which would definitely help keep you from overeating.

As an ingredient, Hoodia is a very popular appetite suppressant that has been featured on many different news programs such as NBC and BBC news. The problems with Hoodia arise when the source used in a product can’t be verified. If there isn’t a true certification posted somewhere on the website that is large enough for you to read, you may have to do some research.

List of Ingredients

Hoodiaxr contains: Hoodia Gordonii (powder) 1000mg. Other ingredients: Magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and croscarmellose sodium.

Product Features

Hoodiaxr contains 1000 milligrams of Hoodia Gordonii, which is twice the amount of similar products. Hoodia works to help make your body feel full and is categorized as an appetite suppressant. Hoodia’s popularity has been booming due to reports on news programs and popular daytime talk shows.

The official Hoodiaxr website contains a money back guarantee and the price of one bottle is $49.95 for 90 tablets. There are discounts if you buy more than one bottle. The official website is pretty informative and doesn’t make a ton of claims like many diet supplement sites that we’ve looked at. There is a FAQ section as well as sections with testimonials and information on Hoodia. While Hoodiaxr does seem to have been attacked by The Ripoff Report website, it appears that this was actually a case of mistaken identity (easy to do with so many Hoodia products out there.)

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  • Contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii.
  • Hoodiaxr contains no stimulants.
  • Money-back guarantee is posted.


  • Does not contain any type of fat burner.
  • Testimonials don’t give information about the user. They might be paid testimonials.
  • No free trial is available at this time.
  • It’s hard to determine if the Hoodia used is actually authentic.


Hoodiaxr does a good job in keeping it simple. Their product contains Hoodia Gordonii and some preservatives, but that is all. This should be very easy on people who have allergies or don’t tolerate certain ingredients well. The absence of stimulants is also a nice touch. We would have liked to see a product that added a proven fat burner to this appetite suppressant. You can see how this product works for you, but if snacking isn’t your biggest weight-related concern, you may want to look into a thermogenic stimulant to get your metabolism working better.

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