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The Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant which grows in the most remote part of the Kalahari Desert. The use of Hoodia Gordonii had been kept secret from the western world until in recent years. Researchers have discovered that the indigenous people of South Africa have eaten Hoodia for its miraculous ability to suppress the appetite and reduce thirst. Hoodia Gordonii started gaining popularity in the early 1900′s when Scientists observed that hunting parties from South Africa were eating the cacti-like plant to halt hunger pangs and thirst during long hunting trips. The Hoodia plant began to garnish massive public awareness after scientific researchers revealed that subjects taking Hoodia lost weight without the side effects commonly associated with other stimulant based diet supplements. Due to increased demand for the plant, the South African government placed it on its list of protected botanicals. For the public, that meant that only those with special permits would be able to purchase Hoodia Gordonii. Major drug companies have spent billions trying unsuccessfully to create artificial Hoodia with no side effects. That’s were Hoodiburn comes in.

List of Ingredients

South African Hoodia, Papaya Leaf, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Camogia, Chlorella, Spirulina, Astragalus, Codinopsis, Shizandra Berry, Cha’ de Bugre and Bitter Orange.

Product Features

Even though there hasn’t been much research done on Hoodia, scientists at Brown University found that Hoodia stimulates the nerve cells in the hypothalamus portion of the brain which regulates blood glucose. This effect fools the brain into thinking that the body has sufficient energy thus decreasing appetite. To lose weight, one must still burn more calories than you consume. As with any effective weight loss program, you must eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. HoodiBurn claims to help dieters lose weight by keeping hunger under control.

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  • Hoodia Gordonii has been used in South Africa for centuries as an appetite suppressant.


  • Little research has been done on the Hoodia Gordonii plant.
  • The South African government only sells the plant to those with permits.
  • Most formulations on the market are synthetic and do not produce the same results.
  • HoodiBurn contains other stimulants which may produce adverse side effects in some individuals.


Many so called Hoodia Gordonii supplements can still be found on store shelves. Despite recent popularity, there aren’t enough controlled studies with humans to prove that Hoodia Gordonii is a safe and effective way to suppress the appetite. To lose weight dieters must still burn more calories than they take in. As with any weight loss program, you must eat healthy foods and exercise to lose weight. HoodiBurn claims that it will help dieters lose weight by keeping your hunger under control may be unfounded due to the restrictions placed on the Hoodia Gordonii plant. It is unknown how much of the plant must actually be consumed in order to have a positive effect on appetite. Hoodiburn is not 100% Hoodia. It contains a blend of other ingredients which may cause adverse side effects in some individuals. As always caution is advised when using any weight loss supplement. Due to the absence of FDA testing, the future use of Hoodia as a weight loss supplement is unknown.

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