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HoodiDrops is just one of many hoodia products on the market aimed at helping dieters control their appetite. Reportedly developed in liquid form, HoodiDrops allows you to take the supplement by itself or you can mix it with your favorite juice, water or milk. However, as of the writing of this review, we were unable to find any websites that still carry the product. There was one site that claims that their supply of HoodiDrops is out of stock and they are no longer accepting back orders. This leaves us a little concerned about the product. Here’s a little more information that we learned about HoodiDrops.

List of Ingredients

According to the label shown on the website, the ingredients listed are South African Hoodia Gordonii; Purified Water; Glycerin; Propylene Glycol; Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Product Features

The hoodia gordonii plant is a succulent that is found primarily in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. The plant has also been found to grow in other arid countries such as Botswana, Namibia, and Angola. Originally, and still used by the locals (known as the Sans tribesmen) as a way of staving off hunger and thirst on their long hunting outings, hoodia gordonii is actually quite rare. In fact, the harvesting of the succulent requires stringent guidelines. A permit is needed and difficult to obtain. The plant itself takes around five years to grow to a mature enough state before it is acceptable for harvest. Once the hoodia gordonii is harvested, it must certified as to its purity. This is a major factor as to why there are so many fake hoodia products on the market. And to make matters worse, phony certification is obtained making is near impossible for most consumers to tell if they have the real stuff. As if this writing, there just isn’t much information about HoodiDrops other that it seems to have been discontinued.

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  • Easy to take liquid form.


  • There is virtually no information available about HoodiDrops.
  • It appears that the product is now or is going to be discontinued.
  • The lack of customer testimonials is a concern about this product.


Hoodia gordonii is the hottest diet ingredient on the market today. With so many dieters looking for the miracle pill to help them lose unwanted fat and pounds, marketers have taken advantage of this craze. Unfortunately, many of the hoodia products that we find on the shelves do not contain any hoodia at all. It’s best to remember that there are no miracle products that “melt the fat away while you sleep”. Proper diet includes a healthy eating plan. Exercise is essential for maximum success. As far as HoodiDrops goes, it doesn’t appear that it’s a product even worth considering.

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