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Hooditrim is manufactured by a Company named Flora. One of the main active ingredients in Hooditrim is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii has of course over the past few years become an extremely popular ingredient in weight loss products. Hoodia Gordonii is derived from a cactus plant which grows in South Africa. It was traditionally used by tribesmen in South Africa due to its supposed appetite suppressing qualities. When they left for long hunting trips, they took a supply of Hoodia Gordonii to stave of hunger. Other active ingredients in Hooditrim include Yerba Mate.


The ingredients in Hooditrim consist of: Damiana Extract, Hoodia Extract, Chamomile, Yerba Mate, Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Extract.

Product Features

There is an official US website for Flora Products, the company that manufacturers Hooditrim. The manufacturers have also put up a separate, official Canadian website. It seems that you can order directly from the US website, but that they cannot ship products outside the US. The Canadian website lists the shops in Canada from which you can buy Flora products. The ingredients in Hooditrim can be found in a large number of other weight loss supplements on the market. Yerba Mate is drunk as a coffee like substance by Indians in Argentina and has stimulant properties. Damiana is used traditionally in Mexico as a general health tonic. It is also used to elevate mood. Chamomile has soothing and calming properties. Hoodia Gordonii, as well as having appetite suppressing qualities, is said to be 100,000 times more potent than glucose. Cocoa is rich in flavanoids and has high antioxidant properties.

The official Canadian website says that you should take two capsules of Hooditrim three times per day, fifteen to thirty minutes before a meal. The website also tells us that Hooditrim will reduce your intake of fattening food, increase metabolic rate and also act as an appetite suppressant. It says also that Hooditrim will fortify your resolve and willpower, as well as helping you to resist negativity.

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  • There is an official website for Hooditrim.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients available for Hoodtrim.
  • Hoodia Gordonii, the main active ingredient in Hooditrim, is said to have appetite suppressing qualities.


  • There have been no controlled standardized tests carried out regarding Hooditrim.
  • Hoodia is still a relatively new weight loss aid, and its long-term effects are not known.
  • There are no free trial samples of Hoodiatrim available for first time users.
  • The medical community is currently cautious about using appetite suppressants in general, and point out that users can often end up lacking basic nutrition.


At the end of the day we cannot recommend Hooditrim over and above other weight loss products which also contain Hoodia Gordonii as their main natural ingredient. In general, we are weary of the dozens of Hoodia-based products that are currently flooding the diet supplement market. Not being hungry sounds great, but constant users run the risk of losing out on adequate nutrition and the long term effects of Hoodia as an active ingredient are a big question mark.

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