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Most anybody who has gone in search of a diet aid has surely heard of hoodia. Hoodia gordonii is a derivative of the cactus like plant primarily grown in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Used by the local Sans tribesman for over one thousand years, the hoodia gordonii plant was known to reduce hunger and thirst on their long hunting expeditions across the dry hot desert. As of recent, with the ban on so many of the supplements containing ephedrine, marketers have rushed to the success of hoodia. However, it should be noted that while there have been no known side effects associated with hoodia, there is still much research being preformed to determine its safety and effectiveness. And, while some hoodia products are able to produce certification to the purity of their product, most hoodia supplements on the market are considered fake because they contain little or no hoodia in their ingredients. So how does Hoodoba Pure measure up? Let’s see.

List of Ingredients

Each capsule contains 400 mg of pure South African hoodia gordonii; cellulose; silica.

Product Features

The molecule found in the hoodia gordonni plant is identified as the P57. It is said that the P57 molecule is 10,000 times as active as glucose. As it reaches the mid-brain, it makes the nerve cells feel as if you are full even if you have not yet eaten. It’s for this reason that hoodia is considered such an effective appetite suppressant. As stated earlier, there are no known side effects associated with hoodia, although there is still much research being done. Additionally, it has been used by the Sans tribesmen of South Africa for centuries, not only as a hunger and thirst remedy, but they have been known to use it to treat diabetes and hypertension as well.

Unfortunately, many of the hoodia products on the market today are phonies. However, it appears through detailed certification that Hoodoba Pure is in fact 100 % hoodia gordonii.

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  • Certified to contain 100% hoodia gordonii.
  • There are no known side effects associated with hoodia.


  • As with all hoodia products, the cost is somewhat high (over $50 per bottle in most cases.)
  • The jury is still out on its safety and effectiveness over long term use.


Hoodoba Pure seems to be one of the genuine products that actually contain 100% pure hoodia gordonii. With so many counterfeit products on the market today, it’s nice to see that this product can certify its content and authenticity. As with any weight loss product, supplements are not enough to realize maximum results. Developing a healthy eating plan and a regular exercise regiment that includes at least three days of 30 minutes of cardio is paramount to achieving and maintaining results.

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    Christine Grumbles

    What is the actual percentage of P57 in Hoodoba Pure?