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Hoopnotic is an exercise DVD created by the Hoopnotic Corporation and Rayna McInturf. The DVD series is created to work hand in hand with Hoopnotic Hoops for a fun and exciting way to exercise. The website claims that you can lose weight and tone your body to new extremes by following the hula hooping instruction in the video.

The Hoopnotic website offers hoops, DVDs, CDs and instruction on how to hoop for beginners. The contact information on the site includes email, Internet contact forms, mailing address and phone number contact. There is a huge selection of testimonials supporting the hula hopping series. None of the testimonials provide before and after photos of the people claiming to have lost weight with the Hoops and the Hoopnotic series.


Hoopnotic DVDs, Hoopnotic CDs and Hoopnotic Hoops.

Product Features

The Hoopnotic series claims to work the core of the body and increase flexibility and strength. The DVD series begins with the basic of hula hooping, but according to the site, there are Hoopnotic gyms where beginners who already know how to hula hoop can begin with in person classes. Among the list of benefits are improvements in core strength, mental stability and creative expression.

In order to return the Hoopnotic merchandise, you must first call the 800 number and request an RMA number. The merchandise including the unused CDs and DVDs can be returned within 15 days of receipt along with the original packaging and the purchase order included in the package. If the DVDs or CDs have been opened, they will not be accepted nor will an RMA be issued for the return.

The prices for Hoopnotic exercise CDs and DVDs begin at $12.95. The Hoops start at $34.95 and go up from there.

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  • Hula hooping can is a fun exercise.
  • There are testimonials on the site.
  • There is contact information on the site.


  • The Hoopnotic series is expensive.
  • The CDs and DVDs cannot be returned if they are opened.
  • Hula hooping can be difficult for an overweight person.
  • There are no XL hoops for people with larger waistlines.


While hula hooping is a fun activity for kids, the people on the website look more like fitness professionals than normal people trying to lose weight. There is no ability to order larger hoops for people with above average waistlines and this limits the people who can benefit from the Hoopnotic series. The Hoopnotic equipment is very expensive and may not be affordable for some people. At this time, the Hoopnotic series seems more focused on the already fit than the people who are trying to lose weight. A proven fat burner and an appetite suppressant may help more than the Hoopnotic series.

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