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Hordenine is a naturally occurring compound found in grasses and grains. At the heart of the weight loss claims are Hordenine’s ability to increase the norepinephrine in the brain. This brain chemical helps to energize the body. Hordenine is also thought to slow the digestive process making people feel fuller, longer. In regards to weight loss, this could give the supplement appetite suppressant qualities.

Hordenine can be found online through many vitamin shop retailers and the prices begin at around $14.00 for supplements containing this product.

There is very little scientific research available in regards to Hordenine. Much of the information is available online through Bodybuilding websites and forums. There is, however, a warning on one bodybuilding website not to use Hordenine if you are currently taking any Central Nervous System related medications due to the potential for side effects including, anxiety, increased heart rate, trouble sleeping, headaches, nausea and lightheadedness. People taking medication to regulate blood pressure, asthma and allergies also should not take this supplement.



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The effect of Hordenine on the body is most speculative. There is not a lot of research testing the effect of Hordenine on the body in regards to weight loss or health related issues. It is known, however, that Hordenine can have antibiotic and antibacterial qualities.

Hordenine is present in some forms of cactus that are known to cause hallucinations. This is a strong indication that further scientific and medical testing needs to take place before humans use this substance and a weight loss supplement.

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  • Hordenine is fairly cheap when combined with other ingredients.
  • It can be ordered online.


  • There is no official website for the product.
  • The list of side effects is long.
  • There are medication contraindications.
  • Scientific research has no proven this supplement effective for weight loss.
  • Hordenine may cause hallucinations.


There are plenty of weight loss supplements out there that include a scientifically proven appetite suppressant. Hordenine is not one of these ingredients. Hordenine has a list of potential side effects and contraindications that help us to easily lean away from supporting this product. There is nothing wrong with trying a new weight loss product as long as that product has been proven to help you lose weight without harming the body. This product is not one of those supplements. At best, we will wait for more scientific research regarding weight loss and Hordenine in order to change our view. For now, this product is one you should stay away from.

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