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Horizon Fitness is a company that sells home fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines and exercise bikes. There is a long list of products available on the website with several falling into the affordable range. The trouble with home fitness equipment is not the equipment, there is plenty of that available online and offline, it is the dedication required of the user to continue using the machine day after day. Beginners are especially susceptible to using a machine for one or two weeks and then getting bored with the workout. It is best to try out several machines at a local gym before choosing to purchase one for home use. Often, the gym equipment is larger, sturdier and more effective because the company spends thousands of dollars on one machine. Home fitness equipment, like the pieces sold by Horizon Fitness, is not going to be the same quality as commercial equipment.

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Fitness equipment for home use.

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The three most common pieces of home fitness equipment are the treadmill, elliptical and exercise bike. Horizon Fitness sells all three machines with prices averaging $400 to $500. These machines are of better quality than a machine sold through super retailers like Walmart and Target, but with better quality comes an increased price tag. Home fitness equipment does not ensure the dieter will lose more weigh; it simply gives the dieter another means of exercise. Walking is just as effective at burning calories as an elliptical, treadmill or exercise bike from Horizon Fitness.

Horizon Fitness sells all machines directly. Most require assembly, so the dieter will need to take a few hours to assemble the machine before using. Larger machines may require larger spaces for operation, so dieters need to read the fine print before purchasing a machine. Horizon Fitness machines are also sold in stores.

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  • Home fitness equipment helps the dieter change up workout routines.
  • Some pieces are inexpensive.
  • Sold from the manufacturer.
  • Customer service available online.
  • The company sells extended warranties.


  • Workout equipment does not ensure weight loss.
  • No information on dieting or reduced calorie eating.


Horizon Fitness is a manufacturer and retailer of home fitness equipment. Ideally, the consumer would find a machine they love and workout on that machine every day. Unfortunately, dieters tend to purchase home fitness equipment on a whim and use it infrequently at best. We suggest dieters try out a few machines before making the final purchase. Home machines are not the same as commercial machines, so find a friend or two with an elliptical, treadmill or exercise bike and workout a few times before buying. Many dieters are disappointed in the quality difference between home and commercial equipment, but gyms pay thousands for commercial grade machines.

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