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Horleys is a sports nutrition company based out of New Zealand. The major focus of this company is on bodybuilding and increasing the fitness level of people who already exercise regularly. The products available through Horleys fit into one of five categories. These categories include increasing power and strength, gaining muscle mass and bulk, losing body fat and increasing muscle tone, building more muscle mass and increasing speed and stamina in exercise.

The website available to the consumer is easy to navigate. Depending on the product for which you are searching, there are six subcategories of product. These subcategories are protein, repair and recovery, mass gain, fat loss, energy and hydration. Under the fat loss category, there are supplements, meal replacements, protein powders and diet pills.


The ingredients for the Horley’s products will vary based on which product is chosen.

Product Features

From the first page of the Horley’s website, the dieter will notice the firm, built weight lifters and fitness professionals. Many of the product descriptions for the proteins and meal replacement bars are written for the fitness professional or the avid exerciser.

The website does offer a unique tool to help you search for the right products for you. This search engine asks the viewer five questions and then offers suggestions on the best products for that user. When searching for weight loss products, we were directed to meal replacement bars, protein drinks and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Acetyl L-Carnitine is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements for its use as a fat burner but is not thermogenic.

There is no place to order the Horley’s products on the website. The products are currently only available in New Zealand.

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  • The website is professional.
  • There is contact information.
  • Complete ingredient lists are provided on all products.


  • Products are not available in the United States.
  • There is no way to order online.
  • The products are aimed at fitness and not weight loss.
  • There are no prices for the products.


The Horley’s website is a very clean looking website that offers a plethora of information for the body builder or fitness professional. The website is not, however, aimed at those who wish to lose weight with a supplement. There are no appetite suppressants, no fat burners and no weight loss supplements offered through Horleys. The products are not currently available to anyone outside of New Zealand which is also not beneficial to anyone outside of that country.

In order to lose weight, we tend to support weight loss supplements with safe fat burners and proven appetite suppressants. Products available through Horleys are not beneficial for people fighting to lose substantial amounts of weight; rather it is for those who are already in shape.

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    what does L-Carnitine acetyl contain?