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What You Should Know

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Hot Stuff Nutritionals sells uniquely named products for weight loss, cleansing and bodybuilding. One of the cleansing supplements is Heavenly Greens. There is no product label for this supplement, but the detailed description on the Hot Stuff website offers a bit of information on the potential ingredients. As is the case with all cleansing supplements, weight loss is only temporary. The natural laxatives and diuretics included in the supplement will force waste and water out of the body causing a dip on the scale. This dip will not last as water is stored in the body for body functions and waste will be produced again.

Hot Stuff Nutritionals sells products from an online store. Heavenly Cleanse sells for $31.95 per bottle. The product can be purchased in powder form from Hot Stuff and capsule form from an outside retailer.

List of Ingredients

Bio-available Vitamins, Minerals, Rare Trace Minerals, Live Enzymes, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants, Fiber, Wheat, Barley and Kamut Grass.

Product Features

Heavenly Greens is a cleansing supplement with greens. This means all the bio-available vitamins, minerals, rare trace minerals and amino acids will be flushed out of the body with bowel movements. Generally speaking, it is best to take vitamins two hours before or after taking a greens supplement for this reason.

The live enzymes mentioned on the ingredient list could be acidophilus. Acidophilus is commonly used in cleansing supplements. After taking antibiotics and eating bad foods, the body’s natural sources of healthy bacteria plummet. This can lead to problems with constipation and weight gain. Yogurt is a great source of acidophilus. Dieters should start out taking a little at a time and increasing the dose from these. We have no idea how much of this ingredient is included in Heavenly Greens.

Phytonutrients are derived from the greens in the supplement. These are generally considered healthy and may have some great health benefits. This does not include weight loss benefits, however. Antioxidants are of peak concern right now because dieters and health buffs are taking too many antioxidants. Oxidants work as vasodilators for health body function. The body produces antioxidants to counteract negative effects and enough of these oxidants are left over to perform healthy functions. If extra antioxidants are abused, the oxidant levels drop and they cannot perform those healthy functions.

Fiber is a common weight loss and cleansing ingredient. Fiber digests very slowly, so it is often used as an appetite suppressant. When fiber is consumed before a meal, it can slow emptying of the stomach, leading to reduced hunger for an extended time.

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  • A few ingredients may have health benefits.


  • No fat burning potential.
  • No list of ingredients.


Cleansing is a once-in-a-while solution for occasional constipation. It is not a weight loss solution.

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