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The Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness website offers very little information about available programs. The description explains there are two programs available, one on nutrition for weight loss and one on weight management. There are no special supplements, shakes or meal replacements used in either program. Each program lasts 12-weeks. Dieters are expected to sign up for one program or the other to find out more information. When we clicked the button to access information as a New Client, we were asked to agree to the Privacy Statement and Service Agreement. When all agreements are made, new clients are expected to answer a lengthy questionnaire before receiving any detailed information about the program.

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The InterxVent Nutrition program lasts 12-weeks. The program is designed for people who have already lost most of the weight they wanted to lose and need information and practice maintaining their new, healthy weight with good nutritional choices. A personalized menu will be given to each client to ensure they do not gain weight. Shopping and cooking tips are also provided.

The InterxVent Weight Management is as diet program for clients who want to lose weight naturally, without supplementation and fad diets, but have no idea how to eat to lose weight. The program is web-based, so we have no idea if the dieter will receive personal contact or if all information is accessed after a fee is paid for the service.

There is mention that several studies have been completed on the programs sold by Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness, but we found no links to these studies or references names for the studies.

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  • Healthy eating and exercise is the best way to lose weight.


  • No detailed information on either program.
  • We have no idea how much the programs cost.
  • The programs may be PDFs or eBooks.
  • The new client is expected to give up lots of personal information without knowing how much they are expected to pay.


There are more questions about Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness than answers. A new client is asked to give more personal information than we felt Hourglass should ask without revealing the price of services and programs. Healthy eating is a surefire way to lose weight gradually, but if it were that easy for every dieter, there would be no need for Hourglass Weight Loss and Fitness. There are healthy weight loss supplements that support healthy eating habits to increase weight loss. These are not miracle drugs or fad supplements claiming 20 or 30 pounds of weight loss per week. Green tea and caffeine are two ingredients used in proven supplement with clinical research backing weight loss claims.

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