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The Houston Diet is a diet plan offered by Houston doctor, A.L. McLeod. The diet plan is comprised of a combination of supplements, prescription medications and a dedication to weight loss for the long term. Currently, the Houston Diet is only available to those who live within the Houston area or those who are willing to travel to the area for weight loss counseling.


Diet plan, supplements, prescription medications as needed.

Product Features

The visitor to the Image and Life Enhancement Clinic will first go through an Initial Weight Visit in Dr. McLeod’s office. The visit will give the doctor the information he needs to suggest a course of action for reducing obesity and increasing weight loss. According to the official Houston Diet website, the program may include a combination of herbal supplements and prescription medications on a per case basis. The supplements supported by Dr. McLeod include Chromium Polynicotinate and CLA. Chromium has been used in weight loss supplements for many years, but its efficacy in reducing hunger and sugar cravings is questionable. CLA, also studied through various research facets, has been proven to reduce body fat. CLA, however, has been linked to side effects including diarrhea and nausea.

The program also offers dieters a list of foods they need to avoid, tips for dining out of the home and nutritional tips. The website maintains that successful weight loss requires commitment but does not approach the need for fat burners or appetite suppressants outside of the ones approved by the doctor. There is contact information available on the website and coupons to help the dieter save money on several clinic programs. There is not a specific price given for the Houston Diet program.

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  • There is an official website.
  • There is contact information.
  • The program supports healthy eating and the use of supplements.


  • There is no price given for the program.
  • The website has not been updated since 2005.
  • There are studies supporting the use of supplements stated, but no links to the specific studies.
  • The website is less professional than many other doctor websites.


The Houston Diet is a program available for people who live in the Houston area alone. This limits the number of people who will be able to take part in the program. There are no testimonials or scientific studies offered to support the use of the Houston Diet or the supplements the doctor represents. There is also reference to prescription medications being used to lose weight. The potential for side effects from prescription medications is high. At this time we cannot support the Houston Diet due to the lack of information given. A proven fat burner and appetite suppressant with scientific proof is a better option.

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