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Open the pages of any magazine and you will find the secrets to weight loss celebrity style. Celebrities have an influx of money and a stage to promote weight loss plans and diets. In some cases, celebrities and the rich are even promoted to help a diet plan market success, but the average person does not have the means or popularity to have the same success. The How the Rich Get Thin Diet is based on the teachings of a doctor serving Park Avenue. His clientele is rich and his methods proven to increase weight loss for people who have the money to burn. This could be a recipe for disaster as most dieters do not have the same means to purchase outrageous diet foods and personal training sessions for weight loss.

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Secrets to weight loss from a Park Avenue doctor.

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Living on Park Avenue means having more money than the average dieter, but it does not mean the dieter has to live without the benefits of rich-society weight loss advice. The advice, however, is based on the mentality of those living on Park Avenue. Dieters are given three main rules – exercise daily, eat foods rich in protein and calcium and leave behind processed foods. Some of the dieting advice is tailored to people living in the Park Avenue area, specifically restaurants and hotels that allow special dietary requests.

Taking the Park Avenue out of the diet is easy. Dieters simply need to eat lean protein and calcium-rich foods. Calcium is known to promote weight loss – remember the milk commercials suggesting drinking more milk to lose weight? The personal trainer can be replaced with a home fitness routine or daily walking session.

Despite the many references to life on Park Avenue, there are some healthy tips and suggestions for weight loss. One of the best tips in the book explains how to fight off hunger and cravings. The doctor suggests using a stopwatch. Set it for 15 minutes and eat a lean source of protein. After the 15 minutes have passed, the hunger will be gone.

The How the Rich Get Thin Diet may read like a rich people’s guide to weight loss, but there is much to be learned in the book. The doctor supports healthy supplements, protein, calcium and exercise. There is not much more to losing weight.

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  • The book sells for less than $2 on
  • Great weight loss advice.


  • Some references are clearly for the rich.


Even if you aren’t a millionaire, you can lose weight like a rich person with the How the Rich Get Thin Diet. The doctor offers helpful tips and a nudge in the healthy, thinner direction.

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